Video Update: “The Cock Inside My Lover”

The following clip is now available at Sadici Studios:

“The Cock Inside My Lover”

My latex clad body is exciting to see, but is that all you have between your legs? That’s grossly inadequate. This is something I wanted to talk to you about-how you can’t possibly compare to the silicone cock I just used on My Lady lover. Go ahead and smell it…smell Her on this dick. I’m going to put a condom on this before I shove it down your throat. No, you’re absolutely not worthy of even tasting a Woman. I’m going to throat fuck you while you have one last orgasm. That little thing will be locked away so you accept your fate as My bitch.


Order of Indomitus April 29th-May 1st

The next Order of Indomitus event will be from April 29th-May 1st! This will be Our third event, and it’s shaping up to be quite amazing. Of course High Priestess Michelle Lacy, Lydia Supremacy, and I will be in attendance…but We also have Priestesses Lynn Pops and Jean Bardot joining Us as well. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss, slave.

I have been quite active on other aspects of social media discussing the Order, answering private messages, and collaborating with Mistress Michelle, however, I haven’t written much about it here. Having attended many events in the past, I have to say being a part of The Order of Indomitus is exponentially rewarding. While I’ve loved other events, this particular one scratches a very particular itch I have…to train slaves over the course of multiple days in both an indoor and outdoor environment. Over the course of My Professional Domination career I’ve had numerous longer and overnight sessions in which the power exchange is truly unique-experiences that can only be had when there is the correct synergy. The Order events are an environment where fellow Female Supremacists can: come together, celebrate FemDom, train slaves and initiate them into The Order, be pampered, and amuse Ourselves by various outdoor games. I find Our passion for FemDom and truly living the lifestyle is reflected on how the slaves in attendance have discussed the event online after it’s over. Here is an example of what slave OI-011 had to say on a recent podcast:

While a majority of the podcast discusses the OWK, it’s nice to have a bit of a comparison. For those whose anxiety about attending a weekend long event becomes a deterrent for taking the proverbial plunge, I hope hearing from a prior attendee can soothe some nerves. Don’t just dream it, live it!

Due to having repeat questions asked about The Order of Indomitus, I also put together an FAQ video. It can be viewed here:

I look forward to being served by you at the next Order of Indomitus event!

March 17th-21st visit to Goddess Cheyenne in Atlanta!

I will be visiting Goddess Cheyenne in Atlanta March 17th-21st! Solo as well as double Domme sessions are available during this time. As I type this Our schedule is filling up quite nicely. With that said, don’t miss out on your opportunity to session with Us this time around. To arrange servitude, go to and fill out Goddess Cheyenne’s contact form.

For those of you who’ve only seen the top ranking videos of Us together on clips4sale, this is your chance to serve in person. Goddess Cheyenne put together a great YouTube video for My Atlanta visit. It can be viewed here: