Dungeon Additions

Dungeon Additions

For those who have been following My social media you may have noticed a few new additions. I had a custom piece of dungeon furniture made by Metalbound Furniture

This bondage table with a cage underneath includes many attachment points. It’s perfect for all sorts of scenes-particularly the extended bondage sessions I love so much! The image below was shot by Lady Wolf during Her last visit to South Florida.

For those craving restraint, immobilization, or a cage to sleep in during an overnight session I’ll revel in rendering you helpless. This piece was definitely worth the wait. I had wanted a piece from Metalbound since I first started as a Pro Domme. That dream has come to fruition.

The second addition is the Tremblr milking machine. Imagine being teased and kept on edge for however long I desire. Are you worthy of such a privilege, or are you ready to work hard in order to earn it? Of course I ultimately decide.


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