Smashed Balls

Smashed Balls

With your legs spread open in the piece of furniture behind me, your dangling parts are on display. Given how full your balls are, they’re ripe for torment. I see how heavy they’ve become. My dungeon contains various elaborate CBT devices. As I describe in detail the sensations this one will provide, I sense your eagerness. It’s time you learn a way to smash those balls for me. As you crave to stroke your cock, both hands will be kept busy. I won’t be denied my sadistic desires. After all, pain is pleasure.

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Brainwashed In Rubber

November has been a very busy month with The Order of Indomitus event, travels, and of course the holiday. Though I’m back to filming more content! Here is the most recent clip update…Brainwashed in Rubber…


The Vixen Sadist and Latex Dominatrix, Mistress Natalya Sadici, has Her slave immobilized in a rubber straight jacket and rope bondage. As She runs a manicured finger on his latex hooded face, he’s told how helpless and vulnerable he is. Unzipping the slave’s sensitive nipples and toying with him, Mistress Natalya describes how today he’ll be brainwashed into the perfect rubber specimen. An electric ball crusher is applied with the shocks gradually ramping up. After the Nova Pro system starts, She adds suggestions to further his rubber submission. With the light and sound machine and electro CBT continuing, Mistress Natalya pulls out the Venus 2000. Will She keep Her slave on edge, or allow him release?