Profound Impact (a ballbusting video)

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Profound Impact

Whenever a slave is trained by Mistress Natalya Sadici there is an impact on his life in some way. Tonight the impact is on his balls! Shackled with his arms overhead, Her slave endures continuous kicks to his balls. Shivering and shying away only results in Mistress Natalya becoming more ferocious. The intensity turns Her slave on as She includes kneeing and smacking with Her hand. When he no longer can stand up straight Mistress Natalya grabs him by the collar. The night is young, and She will make him take more…

Electro CBT Feedback Loop

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Electro CBT Feedback Loop

Restrained with rubbermitts and rope, Mistress Natalya Sadici keeps Her slave helpless after an intense ballbusting. She continues his torment by securing an electro CBT ring around his sensitive bits. As Mistress Natalya slowly ramps up the electricity, She notices his cock is bouncing in rhythm to the pulses. After pulling out Her Violet Wand She holds it steady. What results is a continuous feedback loop of his cock bouncing to meet the shock of the Wand! Deviously delighted by the fact Her slave is torturing himself further, She cranks up the intensity of both the Rimba box and the Wand. As howls fill the room and his eyes roll back into his head, Mistress Natalya’s eyes gleam. May he continuously suffer to bring a smile to Her face.

Ballbusting Falsetto

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Ballbusting Falsetto

“Falsetto-a voice or sound that is unusually or unnaturally high.”

Mistress Natalya Sadici doesn’t just take Her slave out of chastity-She rips off the cock cage. As soon as it’s removed, his excitement is clearly visible. Using Her rubber gloved hand, Mistress Natalya grips his balls and pummels them with Her fist. Relentless and merciless smacks to his cock are delivered with barely any breaks. There’s little time for the slave to catch his breath as Mistress Natalya’s harsh pummeling continues! The slave’s screams literally go up a few octaves as Her rapid punching and smacking builds up further intensity. This is the first phase of many after his 60th day in chastity. After all, he did say he’d do, “anything”.

Rattling your Cage

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Rattling your Cage

It’s no secret a male locked in chastity is extremely malleable. After being locked up for 60 days Mistress Natalya Sadici wants this landmark day to be special for Her slave. She puts on a transparent pair of rubber gloves to tease Her slave’s nipples. Put in rubbermitts and tied on top of the cage, he eagerly anticipates his fate. Given the size of his balls Mistress Natalya suspects there’s been a lack of reporting wet dreams. She grabs a Hitachi to vibrate the chastity cage. Alternating the placement and intensity of the vibration, Mistress Natalya teases Her slave’s nipples. Straining against the cock cage and thrusting his hips, his moaning and gasps are met with diabolical laughter. She has him begging and pleading for release while insisting he’ll do anything for Her. “Anything” is such a loaded word…

Torturous Latex Ass Tease

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Torturous Latex Ass Tease

Mistress Natalya Sadici’s latex clad ass is quite distracting to slave algo. After remaining in chastity for a while, his balls are filling up with slave slime. The desperation in his eyes is something Mistress Natalya feeds off. Pouring more lube on Her latex clad backside, She shines Herself in full view. To make sure every inch of Her round ass is properly shined Mistress Natalya rubs and grinds up against slave algo’s chastity cage. No amount of moaning will earn his chastity release. As Mistress Natalya continues moving Her hips, She has him begging for Her whip.

Worthless Balls

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Worthless Balls

A slave in Mistress Natalya Sadici’s stable thinks his anatomy could actually please a Woman. She ends up showing slave algo exactly what his dangling flesh is good for: ball busting. Mistress Natalya instructs him to remain on his knees with hands firmly clasped behind his head. Delivering hard kicks in Her thigh high boots, She is merciless. When slave algo falls to the floor, Mistress Natalya grabs him by the collar and pulls him back into position. The only way She’ll stop is when She’s satisfied by battered and swollen balls. While on all fours, Mistress Natalya continues delivering swift kicks until he curls into a ball of defeated slave mush.


Brainwashed In Rubber

November has been a very busy month with The Order of Indomitus event, travels, and of course the holiday. Though I’m back to filming more content! Here is the most recent clip update…Brainwashed in Rubber…


The Vixen Sadist and Latex Dominatrix, Mistress Natalya Sadici, has Her slave immobilized in a rubber straight jacket and rope bondage. As She runs a manicured finger on his latex hooded face, he’s told how helpless and vulnerable he is. Unzipping the slave’s sensitive nipples and toying with him, Mistress Natalya describes how today he’ll be brainwashed into the perfect rubber specimen. An electric ball crusher is applied with the shocks gradually ramping up. After the Nova Pro system starts, She adds suggestions to further his rubber submission. With the light and sound machine and electro CBT continuing, Mistress Natalya pulls out the Venus 2000. Will She keep Her slave on edge, or allow him release?

Video Update: “Eager Foot slave”

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“Eager Foot slave”

Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy allow bart to worship Their stocking clad feet. When bart attempts to play with himself after inhaling the aroma of Their feet, Mistress Michelle grabs his balls and smacks his cock around. There is one rule here: do as you’re told! The Mistresses torment bart by tweaking his nipples with Their toes, stomping on his cock, and smacking him in the face Their feet. Since bart becomes more aroused after the Mistress’s stockings come off, the decision is made to put him in chastity. As Mistress Natalya instructs him to worship Her bare feet, Mistress Michelle delivers a few kicks to his balls to put on the metal chastity device.


Video Updates: “Suffer For Our Heels” and “Smaller Than a Cigarette”

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Suffer For Our Heels

Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy want bart to worship Their high heels…but there’s always a price to pay for the privilege! In order to ensure proper attention is given Mistress Natalya presses Her heel into bart’s balls while he sucks on Mistress Michelle’s black stiletto. When the Ladies switch places Mistress Michelle delivers kicks to his balls as bart is made to deep throat Mistress Natalya’s heel. As the heel digs into bart’s cock more enthusiasm is shown, but there’s a consequence when bart touches Mistress Natalya’s stocking clad ankle without permission.

Smaller Than a Cigarette

I know you’re always drawn to Women-Dominant Women-that smoke. There’s something else though. No matter how excited you are by the combination of stockings, high heels, opera length gloves, and red lipstick on cigarette butts, you can’t seem to show anything adequate between your legs. I’m going to indulge on this cigarette, and maybe as it burns down that thing will surpass it in size. Go ahead. Keep playing with yourself. If you fail in your efforts, I know exactly what to do…

So soft yet so mean-new trample clip available

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So soft yet so mean
“How can something so soft be so mean?” t asks Mistress Natalya Sadici as she tramples his cock and balls in the cock box. Her dark pedicured bare feet stomp, kick, and slap his trapped bits as she laughs and smiles. Mistress Natalya doesn’t give t very much of a reprieve as she puts more and more of her weight on his balls.
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