DomCon LA recap

2G_150514_214054_2479I’m trying to be better about blogging after My travels. This DomCon LA recap entry has had many incarnations, as DomCon is always such a whirlwind of wonderful activity! In previous years I’ve learned to add a day or two before the convention starts and possibly after. This year I met up with Mistress Michelle Lacy in LA on a Tuesday and left Monday evening-a total of six days to dedicate to this fantastic journey. As I kept saying to newcomers, “DomCon is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Before the Industry Classes, Mistress Dinner, Red Carpet, and Opening Ceremonies(the photo on the left is with fellow Advisory Board Members); Mistress Michelle and I were doing sessions with delightful slaves. Throughout our near week long visit, we had many sessions with heavy bondage enthusiasts, masochists, and males into humiliation. Our first few sessions set a great tone for me to enjoy all things DomCon! While I definitely wear many hats during the convention-sessioning, welcoming new comers, answering questions, shooting video, attending the convention itself, social media, and networking-it’s always so inspiring. There are attendees from all over. I always leave DomCon having learned something new despite how long I’ve been both a lifestyle Dominant and scene professional.

FB_IMG_1431699302573During the Mistress Dinner I finally met Hudsy Hawn(pictured far right)! She, as well as Snow Mercy and many other fine Ladies, all sat at the same table with Me. Conversations ranged from what We’d all been doing lately to head shaving. It was not only a time to catch up, but an opportunity to discuss the various cities We play in. I also met Miss Grey and Mistress Tara Sterling-two Ladies I had only known of through posts on Max Fisch as well as Twitter. My hope is DomCon will see them again in the future. After the Mistress Dinner, Hudsy and I caught up briefly with Mistress Melissa(pictured in the middle). I was glad to have the chance to compliment Mistress Melissa on Her, “Dungeon Safety and Sterilization” class. Having a skilled professional with such a devious sense of humor is an asset to the industry classes.
The Red Carpet led into The Opening Ceremonies. There was a mix of entertainment, thanking DomCon’s sponsors, awarding the Mistresses of Ceremonies, Guests of Honor, and thanking all the presenters. Instead of listing everyone here, dear reader, I will instruct you to look at to see all the wonderful people involved with DomCon LA. The convention would not be what it is without all the efforts of so many-including attendees that spread the word!

On Friday I was able to shoot a scene for Domina Irene Boss’s upcoming video project! Domina Irene invited many professionals to shoot scenes, and I am honored to also be a part of it. Stay tuned to for announcements regarding this upcoming project. Mistress Michelle and My sub was unchained from working on latex repairs in Our hotel suite to be tormented in this. What a lucky guy! During the Play Party at The Sanctuary We also had fun spanking him. Since it was his first DomCon experience, We were determined to leave lasting imprints on both his mind and backside. In order to force him into chastity on Saturday, I ended up grabbing My eyeglasses case to calm him down with repeated blows to his balls. My case says, “Rampage”, on it which We found hysterical! Mistress Michelle locked him up, and We held the keys for the remainder of the weekend.

2G_150516_144746_3684Mistress Ellen had asked Me to be one of the judges for the Pet Show Saturday afternoon. Pictured on the left is an adorable ring-tailed lemur! All the pets did their best tricks for Us as well as the audience. Playboy TV ended up covering the Pet Show, so, stay tuned and be sure to look up Mistress Ellen for both this show and the Pony Show which occurred directly after.   Once the Pet and Pony Shows were over, it was time to go to the infamous DDI photo! Once I returned to Chicago, Lady Sophia Chase and Master Jack Chase gave Me a wonderful print of one of the many images taken. I counted over 90 Pro Dommes in the image! Alice in Bondageland also takes video footage of all of us coming together for this. In years past She’s sped up the footage to show the sheer scale of all of Us coming together. Below you can see one of the many images taken during this. Goddess Soma and Her team for DDI graciously supplied glasses of champagne to the Ladies. I’ve found the DDI photo shoot to also be a way to connect various Ladies who may have not gotten the chance to chat at various points of DomCon LA. During the shoot I was able to see Lynn Pops and meet Mistress Selina.





IMG_20150516_203742As luck would have it, one of My pain pigs who I see in Chicago happened to be in LA during DomCon. I had wanted to do a double Domme session with Mistress Michelle Lacy and him. It had been on My mind for a while that he’d enjoy Our sadistic synergy. Saturday evening We were able to have a session! Clad in latex catsuits, Mistress Michelle and I worked him over until 2am. Reports of being sore days after session came in, but he survived Us! Evidence of his working over can be viewed below. Oh, how I love bull whipping while wearing latex!

IMG_0624_2On Sunday many of Us were able to enjoy the Mistress Tea while served by various males. The Tea was relaxing and a much needed way to start winding down DomCon. Service-oriented submissives hold a special place in My devious heart, and I love seeing how E/everyone dresses up for tea. As with many DomCons, there are always people I wished I could have spent more time with. The weekend goes by so fast, but I’m hoping friends and colleagues will visit Chicago, or I will have the opportunity to visit all the lovely places T/they live over time. I view DomCon as not only an essential convention for the lifestyle and scene professionals, but a place to meet people who will impact your life in positive ways.