Double Sessions in South Florida with Lady Karma 11/25

Double Sessions in South Florida with Lady Karma 11/25!

For a limited time Lady Karma of Atlanta and I will be taking sessions together in South Florida. The Red Russian will be visiting me on 11/25. She and I have a natural synergy for restraining, punishing, and keeping slaves in their proper place. What better way to celebrate, “black Friday” than to have some lasting black and blue reminders on your backside?

To arrange your servitude contact us by emailing either or

For more information about Lady Karma, visit My Lady Karma

Travel dates: South Florida and Minneapolis

It’s the season for fetish parties! I will be heading back down to South Florida to attend Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend from May 25th-31st. A select number of sessions are available during this time, and double Domme sessions are available with Mistress Michelle Lacy. This will be My first time attending a Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend, as it coincides with IML here in Chicago…yes, I’m doing a bit of a change this year. I’m hoping everyone has an excellent time at IML while I’m in Florida!

June 3rd-8th I’ll be in Minneapolis surrounding the Minneapolis Rubber Ball. It’s been a little while since I’ve performed, and I’m excited to hit the stage for this event! I look forward to seeing many of you there. Double Domme sessions will be available after the event with Mistress Jean Bardot. Be sure to follow the link to get in touch and reserve your time to serve Us.