OnlyFans and iwantfanclub

As I’ve slowly and steadily been building up my video content, there have been many slick, shiny, and salacious photos from these shoots. Over time I just held onto them knowing someday they would either be great promotional images, or…I’d do something interesting with them. For those of you who’ve been following my social media you may have noticed updates to both iwantfanclub and now OnlyFans. For the uninitiated, these are subscription based platforms where producers can upload all sorts of content. So yes, you have to pay a monthly subscription in order to access my content!

Though I don’t just have photo sets from video shoots on both platforms. There are:

1. slave training lessons in audio and video format

2. behind the scenes images and videos from various shoots

3. trailers of video releases

and…I have other plans to evolve both platforms as time passes. Do you want to impress me with your loyalty and subservience? Subscribe! Are you unable to serve me in person, but want to contribute to my FemDom journey? Click the subscription button!



If you’re wondering, “why put content on both platforms? Why not stick to one?” There are different benefits to both platforms. Much like I have content on both iwantclips and clips4sale, I like both platforms for different reasons. This means fans and slaves may enjoy one over the other as well.

Are you a, “fan”? Prove it!

Are you a, “fan”? Prove it!

Merriam-Webster defines, “fan” as, “an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator; an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit)”. Many, “ardent admirers” enjoy sending messages regarding their fandom. These exchanges often result in stating things such as:

“I just jerk off to the gifs of your videos but haven’t purchased anything from you. I’m your biggest fan!”

“I’m a HUGE fan of yours. I jerk off to your gifs and social media (insert number of times) a week.”

As I yawn, sipping herbal tea, and going through these messages I’m not impressed. What am I impressed by? If you saw an image on social media, loved it, and then booked a face to face or cam session. I’m impressed by receiving feedback on videos you’ve purchased. I’m impressed if you’ve seen my social media and then called me on NiteFlirt or iwantphone. I’m impressed if you’ve purchased videos, then sent a tip and/or purchased a gift off my wishlist. That is what it means to be a fan. To those of you who have done these things, I thank you. Those actions prove you are an, “ardent admirer” and therefore an actual fan. I love hearing that your video purchases have inspired your wives or girlfriends to take the reigns in your relationships. Also, it’s really hot to think about couples watching my FemDom content!

Education and communication have, and always will be, paramount in both the lifestyle and industry. In the upcoming weeks there will be changes to my website to reflect how important these things are to me. Currently I have embraced the iwantfanclub platform to post some unreleased content. The first audio slave training lesson has been released there. For those who want lessons, tips, and to further learn about my specific preferences I urge you to purchase a membership there. There will not only be audio files and photos, but short videos and written content as well. Of course you may get some behind the scenes peeks into slick and shiny debauchery too.

Here’s hoping the start of 2018 has been wonderful for you.