Not For you

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Not For you

I’ve instructed you to set out specific items. As I put on the finishing touches to get ready for a date, I can see your excitement. Of course I’m teasing you, but this isn’t our date. I’m not going out with you. Also, why do you think I’m going out with another man? That’s hilarious. It’s far more humiliating to know you’d never stand a chance. She and I can pick any size or shape of cock to fuck each other. Why would we settle for what’s between your, or any man’s, legs? I will tell you exactly what I’m in the mood to do with her though.

Video Update: “The Cock Inside My Lover”

The following clip is now available at Sadici Studios:

“The Cock Inside My Lover”

My latex clad body is exciting to see, but is that all you have between your legs? That’s grossly inadequate. This is something I wanted to talk to you about-how you can’t possibly compare to the silicone cock I just used on My Lady lover. Go ahead and smell it…smell Her on this dick. I’m going to put a condom on this before I shove it down your throat. No, you’re absolutely not worthy of even tasting a Woman. I’m going to throat fuck you while you have one last orgasm. That little thing will be locked away so you accept your fate as My bitch.