Torturous Latex Ass Tease

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Torturous Latex Ass Tease

Mistress Natalya Sadici’s latex clad ass is quite distracting to slave algo. After remaining in chastity for a while, his balls are filling up with slave slime. The desperation in his eyes is something Mistress Natalya feeds off. Pouring more lube on Her latex clad backside, She shines Herself in full view. To make sure every inch of Her round ass is properly shined Mistress Natalya rubs and grinds up against slave algo’s chastity cage. No amount of moaning will earn his chastity release. As Mistress Natalya continues moving Her hips, She has him begging for Her whip.

Spanking Wake Up Call

The following clip is now available in my clips4sale store

Spanking Wake Up Call

Kicking the bars of the cage, Mistress Natalya Sadici wakes up slave algo. During his little nap he had some frustratingly sexual dreams. Despite begging and moaning to be let out of chastity, Mistress Natalya shows zero sympathy. She’s decided he’s going to take pain in order to prove he’ll, “do nearly anything” to be let out. Pulling him over the cage and shackling him to it, Mistress Natalya spanks his exposed backside. As his ass reddens and moans can be heard, She notices slave algo’s hip thrusting! With harder and heavier swats to his backside, Mistress Natalya decides the cane is next…

Worthless Balls

The following ball busting clip is now available in My clips4sale store

Worthless Balls

A slave in Mistress Natalya Sadici’s stable thinks his anatomy could actually please a Woman. She ends up showing slave algo exactly what his dangling flesh is good for: ball busting. Mistress Natalya instructs him to remain on his knees with hands firmly clasped behind his head. Delivering hard kicks in Her thigh high boots, She is merciless. When slave algo falls to the floor, Mistress Natalya grabs him by the collar and pulls him back into position. The only way She’ll stop is when She’s satisfied by battered and swollen balls. While on all fours, Mistress Natalya continues delivering swift kicks until he curls into a ball of defeated slave mush.


Brainwashed In Rubber

November has been a very busy month with The Order of Indomitus event, travels, and of course the holiday. Though I’m back to filming more content! Here is the most recent clip update…Brainwashed in Rubber…


The Vixen Sadist and Latex Dominatrix, Mistress Natalya Sadici, has Her slave immobilized in a rubber straight jacket and rope bondage. As She runs a manicured finger on his latex hooded face, he’s told how helpless and vulnerable he is. Unzipping the slave’s sensitive nipples and toying with him, Mistress Natalya describes how today he’ll be brainwashed into the perfect rubber specimen. An electric ball crusher is applied with the shocks gradually ramping up. After the Nova Pro system starts, She adds suggestions to further his rubber submission. With the light and sound machine and electro CBT continuing, Mistress Natalya pulls out the Venus 2000. Will She keep Her slave on edge, or allow him release?


Throughout my time as both a lifestyle and Pro Domina I’ve seen things change and shift. Certain elements have gone for the better, and of course, other things for the worst. In discussing day to day occurrences and highlights with other Ladies in the lifestyle and industry, the topic of accountability has come up frequently. As of late it has been brought up constantly.

To be clear I cherish submissives and slaves. It takes a lot of strength to acquiesce power to another. In any kind of relationship communication-and clear communication-is required. When power is exchanged clear communication is magnified, as the lack of it inherently puts people in danger and not the fun kind. This could be anything from not mentioning taking a new medication to failing to tell me text messaging is no longer ok between certain hours of the day. The latter resulting in compromising my discretion with angry phone calls from a vanilla spouse or lover. Though communication on my end has to occur when you’ve done something wrong. This is where the topic of accountability comes into the picture.

At one point or another all of us have hurt someone we’ve cared about. It takes a lot of strength to admit we’ve done something wrong. It’s awful to be told we’ve failed at a task, forgotten something promised, didn’t do something correctly, or messed up something. Here’s the thing…if you’re submitting to someone and/or being trained as a slave, you will do something wrong at some point in time. Hopefully it’s not on purpose to play games and get attention in a manipulative way! Hopefully the mistake is accidental and not intentional. As a Dominant I will point a mistake out. Atonement will take place. If you’re in my service I expect you to learn from your mistakes. In other words, you will be held accountable for your actions.

I’m not sure why this is such a difficult thing for others to grasp. Lately there has been a lot of lashing out and passive aggressive behaviors taking place. In my aforementioned statements regarding talking with other Ladies, I know I’m not the only one this has happened to. This is why I’m inclined to put together this post. If you’re submitting to a Dominant and being trained, part of training is to consistently strive to be the best submissive and/or slave you can be. There’s a learning process. I learn about your interests, strengths, how you communicate, and other parts of your personality. By putting my energy into being fully present during my interactions with you I see exactly which steps are necessary to shape you into serving me in the best possible way. Since I require you to be present, you must learn about my tastes, how I want things done, and my values. If you slip up, I tell you. It’s a time to realize what you’ve done wrong and change your behavior. It’s never the time to lash out, make excuses, and take out insecurities on me or any Dominant you’re serving. If you’re not held accountable for your actions, there’s no power exchange. It’s not D/s anymore. Lashing out and passive aggressive behavior is not only disrespectful; it undermines trust…trust that you can communicate, that you can learn from mistakes, are accepting and value the D/s dynamic, and don’t inherently have anger issues that could become dangerous.

This brings me back to my point about strength in submission. Being held accountable for your actions can be an emotionally trying thing. Think of it this way: you’re held to certain standards at your job or within your career. When you submit there are certain standards I hold you to as well. While play and submission is cathartic and a lovely escape from the monotony, mundane, and outside stressors of life; in no way should utter escapism and an inability to be held accountable for your actions enter the D/s equation. Doing so has a negative impact on me, and the point of your submission is to make me happy while enhancing my life in some way. To be blunt, if you have a problem with being held accountable, you lack the strength to submit in a positive and effective manner. Work on yourself to have this strength before attempting to submit to me or any other Dominant.