Special Offer For My Birthday Month

Special Offer For My Birthday Month

Let’s see if you’re paying attention. September is my Birthday month, and I’ll be turning the big 40(on the 27th)! This also means I’ll be celebrating 18 years in the Pro FemDom industry. It continues to be a wild ride-one that fulfills me in indescribable ways. Many of you have seen my pivot to solely online work as a result of the pandemic. Of course I’m not alone in that pivot. My colleagues and peers had to do the same. Many of you may have noticed our shifts to different platforms as a result of ongoing regulation changes. While I won’t digress too much on those details, I want to send a big heartfelt, “thank you” to all of those who have stood by me. Many of you have had conversations with me behind the scenes detailing what is and isn’t allowed to be said or done on each platform I utilize. Some of you maintained subscriptions, bought videos, did phone calls, and text throughout the pandemic. All of this was done to show your loyalty and level of subservience. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Again, thank you. I’m grateful for your efforts and dedication. These actions prove you take D/s and my passion for FemDom seriously. Keep it up. Keep showing your appreciation and gratitude for my knowledge and skill.

While I conduct a select number of face to face sessions since being vaccinated, I have been amping up my content creation. I’ve had a presence on AVN Stars for quite a while, but I’ve also started a Loyal Fans as well. Given the current socioeconomic climate, many of us have learned to not put all of our eggs into one income earning basket. At the time of this writing my AVN Stars has much more content. I’m gradually bringing things over to Loyal Fans too. The widget showing my photo, video, and post count can be found on my Phone Domination and Distance Training Page

So, what’s the special offer? I’ve started a promotion for Loyal Fans offering a 15% discount to a select number of subscribers! Follow this link to jump onto this offer. Once those slots are taken up, you’ll have to continue at my regular subscription price. LF also has the capability to conduct one on one cam sessions. Stay tuned to my Twitter for announcements on when I’ll be available for cam sessions.

Of course you can always thoroughly impress me by signing up for both AVN Stars and Loyal Fans. I strongly encourage all of you to send tributes through these platforms throughout September to say, “Happy Birthday, Mistress”.