Thrashing From your Teacher

Thrashing From your Teacher

I summoned you to my office for a few reasons. Obviously you’re getting distracted by my seamed stockings and cleavage. The adjustments you’re doing with your pants are giveaways. Of course this means I’ll be giving you a more harsh discipline. No, you’re not going over my knee for a spanking. It’s time for both a mouth soaping and caning. Speaking out of turn in class warrants keeping that mouth busy with a thick bar of soap. I want your bare ass over this spanking bench for 6 of the best…to start.

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Throat Fucked By My Feet

Throat Fucked By My Feet

Did you think you could slobber all over my feet and call it, “worship”? Hell no! I’m in a particular mood today after wearing my pantyhose for numerous hours. My pedicured size 9 feet are sweaty and fragrant. As I slide and dangle my high heels in front of your face, breathe them in. I’m going to use your mouth and throat fuck you with my feet. Accept your place as my foot bitch.

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The Precipice

The Precipice

Your chart says on average you jerk off 2-3 times per day. Is that correct? It also says you’ve been feeling drained, fatigued, and desensitized. I’m going to have you do an exercise where instead of ejaculating, you’re brought right to the edge without toppling over it. I’ll also go over how you should breathe to recycle your sexual energy. Today we’ll do this process 3 times. This cock milking machine will challenge you, but is essential since you’re experiencing lack of sensation. Let’s begin.

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Domme Trips October 14th-24th!

While the event dates for Domme Trips are October 16th-23rd, I’m going in early and staying a bit later! Why? This year I’m helping out Domina Bellicose with the event. Mistress Absolute is in the image above and typically puts on this infamous event of kinky revelry with Domina Bellicose. Due to the shifting landscape of border closures and various restrictions, Mistress Absolute will sadly not be in attendance. As I type this I’m taking in a deep breath, cracking my knuckles, and know I have some very gorgeous boots to fill in the responsibility this year. Thank you, dear debauched friends, for trusting me in this.

Yes, Domme Trips 2021 is still going on and it’s the 10 year anniversary of the event! There are still spots left to book your travel with us to Cozumel. This is a full fetish takeover of an all inclusive resort. Make sure you go to THE DOMME TRIPS WEBSITE for all the information on pricing, how to book, theme nights, and other essential details. Many of us have been daydreaming about putting on our latex and enjoying the company of scene friends from around the world. Let’s do that rather than just fantasizing about it.

Do you need some extra motivation? On Sunday there is a kinky confessional. This image is from Domme Trips 2019 before many, “sins” were absolved…or not.

Advanced Fuckery

Advanced Fuckery

All that training you’ve been doing with plugs and dildos between me railing you has lead up to this. I told you long ago what I had in mind for future fuckery. Do you remember when you were a budding little slut who could barely fit two fingers? I remember it too. Congrats! I’ve stretched you out enough to be fucked by a machine. Here’s a demonstration on how deeply it can penetrate you before I restrain you to the chair. It can go extremely fast, so, immobilization is necessary.

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Resuming Face to Face Sessions 6/3!

It’s been a while since I’ve utilized this space to post updates. A lot has transpired as a result of the pandemic-our lives and daily habits have changed dramatically. One of those changes for me was a shift and reliance solely on online work. Of course this was the reality for all of us in the pro FemDom industry, but I digress. I first want to thank many of you for scheduling cam sessions, texing and calling on Sext Panther, purchasing videos on Clips4Sale, and maintaining subscriptions to my AVN Stars. While the purpose of this post is to discuss resuming face to face sessions, I’m going to continue online work. Certain updates in that realm are the topic of a different blog post down the road.

As the title of this reads, I’ll be resuming face to face sessions on June 3rd, 2021.

Words can’t describe how excited I am to conduct overnight sessions again like what’s in the image below!


Yes, I’ve felt the hunger to bind, restrict, and otherwise render willing beings helpless to various torments; though I’ve wanted to resume doing so in as risk aware of a manner as possible. My eyes have fixated on various bits of news and science, and I’ve locked down what measures I’ll take moving forward. That’s what the word, “professional” or, “pro” means in front of, “Domme”. Here is a list of my requirements as well as things that have changed:

Proof of vaccination must be sent over.

There are no exceptions to this. If you are an, “anti-vaxxer”, you won’t be allowed in my dungeon. An image of your vaccine card must be attached to your email.

I must have a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for bookings.

Same day session bookings have always been impossible, but in the past I had a 24 hour advance notice minimum. Make note this has changed. To start off I’m not going to conduct more than one session in a day. This is to ensure my air sanitization procedure can take place. For my own peace of mind, I really want to make sure I have ample time to wipe down, scrub, soak, and otherwise clean everything thoroughly. Just as I value my own health and safety, I value yours as well.

The method for securing your session with a deposit has changed.

Accepted deposit methods will be discussed privately once you’ve successfully gone through my screening process. If you haven’t put down a deposit to secure your session booking, it’s not actually a booked session. No deposit, no session. Understood? The day, time, and session length you desire can be taken up by someone else if you don’t promptly put down your deposit.

My tribute structure has also changed.

I will discuss this privately.

Incomplete introductory emails are simply ignored.

I’ve gone through great lengths to outline everything I need in an initial email. These details are easily found by reading through my website. I despise laziness. Remember: you need to impress me in order to be granted a session/s.

As I eagerly await opening my dungeon door, it’s also time to open up a new chapter. It’s one where I draw in more: generous, articulate, intelligent, experimental, and well balanced humans. By, “well balanced” I mean individuals who don’t try to position me to be their everything/only source of happiness. Fetishists, submissives, and slaves who strongly desire to live life to its fullest and work hard will get along with me the best. The pandemic has been extremely difficult for many of us in a variety of ways, however, I want to be clear I’m not the, “complaints department”. Sessions are the time to leave the outside world behind and journey into the floating world. I look forward to steering things in that direction.






Not For you

The following video is now available on Sadici Studios to purchase:

Not For you

I’ve instructed you to set out specific items. As I put on the finishing touches to get ready for a date, I can see your excitement. Of course I’m teasing you, but this isn’t our date. I’m not going out with you. Also, why do you think I’m going out with another man? That’s hilarious. It’s far more humiliating to know you’d never stand a chance. She and I can pick any size or shape of cock to fuck each other. Why would we settle for what’s between your, or any man’s, legs? I will tell you exactly what I’m in the mood to do with her though.

Around The Office

The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios

Around The Office

Finding a quiet corner away from the company office party, I call a friend. I look up and notice you lingering. As I wrap up my phone call, I decide it’s time to finally confront you. It’s obvious to all of us ladies how much you stare. The feeble attempts you’ve made to brush up against our pantyhose and stocking clad legs haven’t gone unnoticed. Not only is it awkward, but it’s inappropriate and unprofessional. Unless you want me to go to HR, we’re going to make an agreement. As I tease and taunt you with your fetish, our coworkers are going to notice exactly what’s happening. We’ve all made this decision for your fate, and they’re just waiting to see if you agree.

New video releases!

I’ve been steadily releasing new content each week. Here’s a peak at what’s new on Sadici Studios:

Chastity Buildup

It’s been a while since you were initially locked up in a custom chastity device. Since then I’ve made you start rituals and repeat various mantras. Certain erogenous zones have been awakened. Though you’ve been curious about having your ass filled. Seeing me fist and fuck my other slaves has made a certain part of you ache for the same attention. I sent a certain toy to you, and will explain how it works. This way we can get started and I can control you from anywhere in the world.


Latex Cuck

I didn’t wear this gorgeous black latex for you. Though you are going to help me finish getting ready. I decided you’re not coming out to the fetish party with us. There’s an after party I’m hostessing, and you have the task of getting out the wine and hors d’oeuvres. I also expect my dungeon to be in pristine condition. The level of participation I’ll allow you is determined by how well you shine my latex. If you do a good job, a strap on gang bang will be in your future. Though if you do poorly…I have other plans. Let’s get started.


Are you lucky?

Do you remember when you first contacted me? With excitement and eagerness to impress you said, “Mistress, I’m locked in a silicone chastity device! I can still wank though!” Do you also remember what I said? Things have gotten much better and more restrictive since locking you in a custom metal chastity device. It’s been a while since your last orgasm. I’ve put various chastity keys in this glass bowl. Let’s see if I draw out your key today. Are you lucky?


Entrance Exam

Each slave in my domain must go through an entrance exam. A variety of tests and procedures are conducted in order to determine a supplicant’s proper health and fitness. I’ll be checking your pulse, making sure your glands aren’t swollen, and dilating you in a variety of ways. All of this is to gauge your ability to serve over a longer term. When you offer yourself to me, all of your holes are mine as well.

3 New Video Releases!

The following videos are now available for purchase at Sadici Studios

Dressing you down

What you’ve been consuming online has lead to a gross misunderstanding of FemDom, submission, and slavery. It’s not all about you and what makes that insignificant piece of flesh between your legs twitch. This lesson of ego removal is long overdue. As I cross and uncross my legs you’ll be reminded of what you’re never worthy of. From now on that mini flesh tube will be locked in chastity.


Confined Supplicant

How was your first night in my cage? For a majority of your life you’ve fantasized about living the D/s lifestyle 24/7. Last night you took the plunge to actually make that dream a reality. As your vision refocuses I’ll go over protocol and my expectations for today. Any infraction will result in swift and harsh correction…


Just your hands

My dungeon has all sorts of devious devices to make you moan, groan, and float on the waves of masochistic ecstasy. Unfortunately you can’t be here, but your own hands can be both potent and effective. Listen and do exactly what I say. If you are obedient and amusing, I’ll allow you to jerk off. Just know you’ll really have to work for that kind of pleasure.