Before contacting me read this FAQ page to see if your questions are answered.

1. Where do your sessions take place? 

My sessions take place at a private location in Ft. Lauderdale.

2. Do you do double Domina sessions? If so, who do you play with?

I love playing with other Ladies, though I am picky about who I session with! It’s important our styles compliment each other well and I can trust the other Domina is ethical and skilled.

When I travel I session with: Goddess Cheyenne of Atlanta and many other amazing Ladies!

3. How much do sessions cost?

I prefer to discuss the specific tribute once compatibility is gauged. Seeing a Professional Dominatrix is a luxury and privilege, not a right.

If you can’t afford at least $400 per hour for Professional Domination, save up and wait to contact me.

4. Do you enjoy overnight sessions? How do I go about booking one?

Overnight sessions are wonderful! In order to book one, understand the following: you need to be extremely articulate in your pre-session correspondence, you need to have seen either me or another Professional Dominatrix before(I check references), we must have compatible scene interests, you must be prepared with date and time options for our session, and be ready to supply half the tribute up front in order to solidify your booking. Typically giving me a minimum of a week’s notice for these lengthy indulgences works out well.

5. I am a novice. Will you see me?

As long as you understand and respect my limits and can communicate what you’ve thought about exploring, we can go from there. I love seeing novices get their first endorphin rush and/or let go for the first time in session. Remember that everyone was once a novice like you at one point.

6. I see you require a deposit for every session booking. May I ask why and how to make the deposit?

First, I believe everyone’s time is valuable. I require a deposit to ensure your sincerity and that you’ll keep your appointment. I do not miss or skip sessions. If I did, I would have been run out of this profession long ago! Second, I don’t think it’s fair to take up a time slot and not allow someone else to indulge in their fantasies if you don’t follow through.

You will be given further instructions on how to make your deposit once we agree on a session day, time, and length.

7. Do you ever travel?

Yes, however, it’s rare I travel with the aim to conduct sessions these days. My focus has been building up my own private dungeon. My travel is for pure pleasure and often in conjunction with kinky events. FMTY(Fly Me To You) is a possibility as long as my flight, hotel accommodations, and a minimum of 6 hours of session are all tributed in advance. This option is only available for individuals who I’m familiar with already or have impeccable references from reputable industry colleagues.

8. Do you do outcalls?

No. Face to face sessions are conducted in my private dungeon only.

9. Do you rent out your dungeon to other Pro Dommes, couples, or small parties of lifestylers?

No, I do not.