elevator resizedDomination and submission are both challenging roles in their own right. Both require knowledge of yourself and clear communication. I view Professional Domination as a way to expand horizons, seek mentally and physically stimulating experiences, explore fantasies, and both test and push boundaries.
Since I demand a lot from myself, I will demand a lot from you. Your boundaries will be respected, but you must clearly communicate them! When you first contact me I will treat you like a fellow human being with a fantasy. I will lead the exchange-asking you questions for both clarification and information I deem important. Once you walk through the door of the dungeon, my word is law.
I choose my clientele based on common interests, open minds, and rapport. Sessions can range from mild sensory play to very intense physical and mental scenes. Will I be cold and merciless or sensual but cruel? Anticipate being kept on your toes.
Sessions are a minimum of one hour or as long as multiple days. Face to face sessions only take place with me in Fort Lauderdale. Contact via email must include the following:

1. Your name(include any message board or social networking user names)
2. Your interests
3. Why you want to see me
4. How you heard about me
5. Your boundaries
6. Medications you’re taking or health conditions
7. What days and times you’d like to session
8. How long of a session you want

Email all of this information to MistressNatalyaSadici@protonmail.com

I have a detailed blog entry about contact protocol HERE

*A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required for ALL session bookings.*

*Deposits are required to secure your session time slot. Instructions on how to do so will be given.*