What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want Podcast Appearance

What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want Podcast Appearance

I’ve been a fan of the What Women Want podcast for quite a while. Initially I had heard about it through Twitter. Many of the, “who’s who” of the Pro FemDom industry have been interviewed; though there’s inclusion of lovely lifestylers, kinky educators, and those that wear all of those hats. For those of you who have been following my career, I’ve mentioned talking to a variety of media over the years. I had ceased speaking with vanilla media for many reasons. Besides being horrendously misquoted, and the subsequent personal and professional issues that arose as a result, I often found these appearances missing the mark. While sensationalistic approaches to covering BDSM, D/s, Pro FemDom, kink, and fetish can be entertaining, I’ve found the attention grossly counterproductive. As the era of podcasts continues to thrive, along with it comes the ability to have platforms run by well-intentioned, highly educated, and articulate kinky individuals.

Though there was something unique that lead me to gradually listening to more of What Women Want. This is ultimately discussed in the episode I’m on, however, I want to use this space to discuss my own experience. I had no doubt the time shared with Jon aka Hitherecatsuit would fly by, be enjoyable, and result in a connection I value. When asked by kinky friends how the recording went, I mentioned I was smiling so much my face hurt! Maybe they’ll atone for that pain at a later date. There’s a joy and passion ignited by conversing with others who just get it. That, “it” means what’s fundamentally at the heart of why we all explore what we do in this realm. Jon has a giving spirit-one that understands contributing to the lifestyle in an authentic manner is essential to growth and evolution. So, thank you Jon, and thank you What Women Want, for continuously providing a space to share our experiences and assist others on their journeys.

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