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Double Fucked Cock Hole

Double Fucked Cock Hole Throughout his time in my dungeon his mouth and ass have been used. There’s still another hole I intend on stuffing full and fucking deeply. As the light gleams on the first sound, he writhes and moans in anticipation. It goes in deeply with ease, so, I pull out an even […]

Mocked, Edged, and Fed

Mocked, Edged, and Fed Strapped down, helpless, and wondering what will happen next, I put a twist on edging. This slut seems concerned that I can be quite sadistic with this activity. There’s always a price to pay whenever I allow a release. In reaffirming he’ll never be allowed to have vanilla sex again, I […]

Indulging In Our Glove Fetish

Indulging In Our Glove Fetish All I have to do is say the word, “gloves” and I see a response in you. It’s no secret I share your fetish. Latex gloves are a feast for the senses. The look, feel, smell, and even taste of the latex makes pulses rise and pupils dilate. As I […]

Concealed Emasculation

Concealed Emasculation You’re well acquainted with my bondage sling. Yes, we’ve had many intense sessions involving ass fucking. I’ve noticed areas of your body are hairy. That changes now. Body hair removal adds a layer of vulnerability. It also means your skin will be more sensitive. I want your skin smooth like the latex I’m […]

Deep Dicked By a Machine

Deep Dicked By a Machine Since this one opened up so easily for me I knew his hole needed more. I put a slightly curved dick on my fucking machine. A thicker and longer cock will challenge his ass. My machine can go hard and deep, and I intend on making him well acquainted with […]

Ending your delusions of self importance

Ending your delusions of self importance I appreciate your compliment. Did you think saying, “thank you” equates to wanting to date you? This conversation has needed to take place for a while. While others in the lifestyle may hesitate to tell you the truth, I certainly won’t. There’s a reason your exploration only goes so […]

Spit is your only lube

Spit is your only lube I’m allowing you to jerk off, but you’re only allowed to use my spit. It’s such a shame when my spit goes on the floor instead of in your hand or mouth. In teasing you with my latex clad body and spit, it’s not going to take much to complete […]

Machine Fucked Mouth Hole

Machine Fucked Mouth Hole I’ve made a certain slut kneel in front of my fucking machine. As he eyes the cock hungrily, I ask if he’s refrained from licking it. Judging from the appearance of his cock prison, the anticipation has been building. This one needs a face full of dick! Though his throat is […]

A Special Dose of Nipple Stimuli

A Special Dose of Nipple Stimuli Whenever your shirt is off, those nipples are inviting. I just can’t help but reach out and firmly pinch them. That isn’t the only stimuli they’ll endure. I love layering sensations to thoroughly work them over. My stiletto nails are perfect for torment. Once they’re sensitive, I’ll be applying […]

The Bliss of Post Orgasm Torment

The Bliss of Post Orgasm Torment How badly do you want to cum? Keeping you desperately on edge is thrilling. Though you’re going to experience something different today. I can easily control your arousal with this vibrator, and I know you’ll do anything for a chance of release. Just because you cum doesn’t mean I’m […]