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Wearing My Marks

Wearing My Marks Having secrets we share gives an electric charge to our day to day. In my dungeon you’re vulnerable and raw. I get to witness what and who you really are. When at my feet you let go completely. The bliss stays with you for a while, but something else can help that […]

Gimp Protocol

Gimp Protocol Latex and rubber fill your dreams, and have taken center stage in all your sexual fantasies. The shine, tightness, and restriction have come to symbolize one thing: control. You’ve wondered what it would be like to become my rubber gimp. I have specific requirements to start your gummi indoctrination. My reasons will be […]

Chastity = PPE

Chastity = PPE The longer you’re locked in chastity, the more I consider it PPE. That unbridled hard on doesn’t lead you to do ridiculous things. In that way being chaste protects you from yourself. Instead you’re safely in a protective FemDom bubble. Or are you? I’ve utilized your restrictive state to insert my own […]

Cum Dumpster Training

Cum Dumpster Training One of the most exciting things for you to see is ejaculation. You seek it out in porn. You check to see how much cum results after edging and release. How many times have you needed to clean your computer screen? I’ve noticed your mouth opens substantially whenever seeing cum. It’s something […]

Humiliation Diaries: FemDom Cuck Party

Humiliation Diaries: FemDom Cuck Party Truth is stranger than fiction. Some of the representations of my kinky life online are far more tame than what actually occurs. I pull you into this disclosure by firmly planting you in the mindset of the slave. Can you imagine being locked in chastity for 36 days? If you […]

Relentless Edging

Relentless Edging Are you familiar with my cock milking machine? Perhaps you’ve seen it used on a few of my minion. The feedback I receive is how it feels like the best sex or blowjob of their lives. I’m not sure if you’re ready for the sheer power and intensity of this device yet. So, […]

Stocking Feet Indulgence

Stocking Feet Indulgence It’s a shame feet are trapped in boots during the colder months. This makes your foot lust build and grow in unfathomable ways. I sense your base need and will take you on a journey. As I stare into your eyes dangling my heels, I drink in your hunger. My warm and […]

Cruel To Be Kind

Cruel To Be Kind My insatiable sadistic desires have fueled me to make art on his back. This seasoned masochist yearns for the pain and views my cruelty as kindness. I envision a bull whip cross hatch pattern on his back and won’t stop until I’m happy. As my whip cracks over and over he […]

Hosiery CBT

Hosiery CBT What do you like best about pantyhose? I know it’s difficult to pick one attribute. Between the look, feel, and the way they trap scent I’ll incorporate all your senses. Though you’re not going to simply slide on a pair and jerk off. Right now we’re building off your previous hosiery experiences. I […]

Chastity Assignments: Silky Sensations

Chastity Assignments: Silky Sensations It’s obvious your eyes lingered on my pantyhose. How is your chastity device feeling? Wearing fine hosiery with latex is such a pleasure. As I run my hands over my inner thighs your yearning for such sensations grows. Parts of your cock are poking through your prison. I intend on driving […]