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Cruel To Be Kind

Cruel To Be Kind My insatiable sadistic desires have fueled me to make art on his back. This seasoned masochist yearns for the pain and views my cruelty as kindness. I envision a bull whip cross hatch pattern on his back and won’t stop until I’m happy. As my whip cracks over and over he […]

Hosiery CBT

Hosiery CBT What do you like best about pantyhose? I know it’s difficult to pick one attribute. Between the look, feel, and the way they trap scent I’ll incorporate all your senses. Though you’re not going to simply slide on a pair and jerk off. Right now we’re building off your previous hosiery experiences. I […]

Chastity Assignments: Silky Sensations

Chastity Assignments: Silky Sensations It’s obvious your eyes lingered on my pantyhose. How is your chastity device feeling? Wearing fine hosiery with latex is such a pleasure. As I run my hands over my inner thighs your yearning for such sensations grows. Parts of your cock are poking through your prison. I intend on driving […]

Rough Stroker

Rough Stroker Are your balls full from all the edging you’ve been doing lately? Show me. As I tease you with my curves, I can sense your longing. Given how turned on you are, it seems you can cum to and with nearly anything. I was inspired to torment you during my visit to the […]

Layers of Nipple Pain

Layers of Nipple Pain Bound to my bondage table, my nipple masochist has been stewing. I had applied nipple suckers to tenderize and prepare him. In our previous discussions he asked if his nipples would need a change of address. Of course you’ll see why! The sadistic and masochistic synergy between us is palpable. I […]

FemBot Interrogation: Probing Solution

FemBot Interrogation: Probing Solution In order to overwhelm her programming, a system reboot is in order. This FemBot has managed to fight various stimuli, but this shows me she’s a potential candidate for our ranks. Her kind has subjected all manner of creatures throughout the millennia to probing. Now it’s time to turn the tables. […]

Gagged For My Spit

Gagged For My Spit It’s not too often you get to indulge in your spit fetish. Whenever you do it’s typically part of a longer scene or session where many things are happening simultaneously. Wondering what it would be like to be covered in spit haunts your dreams. Without saying a word I walk up […]

CBT Journey

CBT Journey Complacency isn’t allowed in my realm. I’ll remind you that your cock and balls exist for discipline and my sadistic amusement. Throughout your journey I’ve shown you the depth and breadth of what’s possible. Experiencing it all is another matter. Right now you’re going to dive in. Watch, listen, and obey. I spurn […]

Budding Cocksucker

Budding Cocksucker No one who thinks about cock as much as you can be considered, “straight”. Whether you’re wrapped up in thoughts of your own dick, or contemplating the taste of porn stars’ cocks, you’re obsessed. During our previous strap on encounters you’ve let a certain secret slip. Countless times you’ve attempted setting up dates […]

Desperate For Nipple Torment

Desperate For Nipple Torment For now you’re a voyeur. Seeing my fingertips and nails glide across his nipples builds your longing. I know you wish this were you. The anticipation builds as you watch his cock bob with excitement. Everything I do to him will be done to you. Are you envious as you wait […]