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Resuming Face to Face Sessions 6/3!

It’s been a while since I’ve utilized this space to post updates. A lot has transpired as a result of the pandemic-our lives and daily habits have changed dramatically. One of those changes for me was a shift and reliance solely on online work. Of course this was the reality for all of us in […]

Not For you

The following video is now available on Sadici Studios to purchase: Not For you I’ve instructed you to set out specific items. As I put on the finishing touches to get ready for a date, I can see your excitement. Of course I’m teasing you, but this isn’t our date. I’m not going out with […]

Around The Office

The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Around The Office Finding a quiet corner away from the company office party, I call a friend. I look up and notice you lingering. As I wrap up my phone call, I decide it’s time to finally confront you. It’s obvious to all of […]

New video releases!

I’ve been steadily releasing new content each week. Here’s a peak at what’s new on Sadici Studios: Chastity Buildup It’s been a while since you were initially locked up in a custom chastity device. Since then I’ve made you start rituals and repeat various mantras. Certain erogenous zones have been awakened. Though you’ve been curious […]

3 New Video Releases!

The following videos are now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Dressing you down What you’ve been consuming online has lead to a gross misunderstanding of FemDom, submission, and slavery. It’s not all about you and what makes that insignificant piece of flesh between your legs twitch. This lesson of ego removal is long overdue. […]

In The Neighborhood

The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios In The Neighborhood That was a good community meeting, wasn’t it? I’m glad you could come back to my place for a cup of coffee. Though this wasn’t quite what you were expecting, right? As you look around my dungeon you seem simultaneously nervous […]

Open Wide

The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Open Wide I’m glad you’re in the position I instructed. Just let your legs naturally fall open. I’m going to give you a thorough prostate exam. Besides checking for any abnormalities, I’m going to be collecting a specimen sample to send off to the […]

Days and Days

The following video is now available for purchase on Sadici Studios Days and Days Since you’ve been so good lately I’m going to allow you to worship my boots. All the hard work you’ve put in to serve well means you’ve earned this privilege. Yes, it is a privilege. Don’t forget that. For now do […]

Sands of Time

The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Sands of Time Of course you know I’m going to play off the excitement you have merely looking at me. We’re going to play a game-one where I keep you standing at attention. As I flip over this hourglass, you’ll be timed. Once it […]

Symbol of Devotion

Symbol of Devotion Do you remember how long you’ve been locked in chastity? Seeing another one of My chaste minions makes that cock strain and struggle against the confines of that cage. At this point your arousal is based on anything I do, say, and wear. This is a reminder of your place and what […]