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Blue and Purple Balls

Blue and Purple Balls Purple is my favorite color, but a deep shade of blue is also nice. To ensure we achieve the outcome I desire, you’re going to need two things. While you may not have a thick paddle and cock rings, I’ll give you some other options. My sadism will be concentrated on […]

Chastity Assignments: Made For Pain

Chastity Assignments: Made For Pain Dangling your chastity key out of reach gives you thoughts, doesn’t it? I may unlock you today. My relentless teasing has meant your balls are full. It’s possible I’ll simply swap out a larger ring to make you more comfortable. There are endless possibilities-especially when I bring out a vibrator […]

Gagged For Comfort

Gagged For Comfort The seam of my smoky transparent latex dress alludes to something specific. A certain area of my body will remain out of reach, but you’ll be close to it. The more I tease you, the more aroused you become. Of course this means you’ll be able to endure more pain for my […]

Stretched and Tight

Stretched and Tight I have specific plans for you. Does my saying this frighten you? Those dangling balls continue to be a target for my sadistic ministrations. There’s a combination of sensations I want you to feel. Being stretched and tight leaves you in a precarious and vulnerable position. I go over what you’ll need […]

Occupying Both Hands

Occupying Both Hands Handing over control of your masturbatory habits results in all kinds of experimentation. Will I have you simply edge with no relief? Will you finally be allowed to cum? Just when you start a particular stroke pattern and get somewhere I have you back off. I can see how your desperation is […]

Humiliation Diaries: Waste Disposal

Humiliation Diaries: Waste Disposal There’s something you and others get wrong about FemDom. I don’t cater to your erection. This is about authority, power, and exploring my desires. I enjoy being entertained. Sometimes what entertains me is bizarre. A certain minion needed his ego put in check. Since I have your rapt attention, it’s time […]

Dancing On the Edge

Dancing On the Edge Being on the edge is exciting, isn’t it? The way the light dances on my shiny latex is a sight to behold. As a result of small glimpses of my body, you’re having certain thoughts. Over time you’ve given over control to edge , though I’m pulling you into another realm. […]

From Lust to Capture

From Lust to Capture The bulge in your pants betrayed you. I’ve heard it all before-how you’re Dominant socially and sexually because you’re a man. When you entered my dungeon I told you precisely where I wanted you to sit. You did so without question. My assertiveness and demeanor has intrigued you. My dungeon furniture […]

Tales From the Lock: 1000 Days

Tales From the Lock: 1000 Days When you see this large number do you feel a sense of trepidation? Do you feel competitive urges bubble up to the surface? Sometimes these long chastity sentences seem like a complete fabrication. This is no tale of fiction. For those of us who truly live FemDom lifestyles, chastity […]

Fucked To Subservience

Fucked To Subservience Whenever you say, “fuck me” that’s a command. Just because you’re a slut doesn’t mean manners go out the window. As you’re face to face with what you yearn to have, I transform your greed into submission. Do you want to be railed like the well behaved sluts in my videos? Seeing […]