Sample Platter

Sample Platter

I’m fond of the saying, “capture the mind and the body will follow”. Though right now I’m going to penetrate your body to fuck with your mind. The variety of procedures you’ll be subjected to are designed to completely take you over. As I describe how certain things are going to feel and why I’m doing them to you, I can see the fear in your eyes. Ultimately, you’re chattel and will marked just like the rest.

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Count Back

Count Back

The women who brought you to my clinic had good intentions. They certainly had no idea what would happen to you. Don’t try to move. It will be less painful in the long run. Just take some nice deep breaths and count back from 10. I’ve decided you’re a male specimen worthy of experimenting on. There’s nowhere to run or hide. Let’s see if you remember exactly what was done to you. Or was this all in your dark imagination?

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New video releases!

I’ve been steadily releasing new content each week. Here’s a peak at what’s new on Sadici Studios:

Chastity Buildup

It’s been a while since you were initially locked up in a custom chastity device. Since then I’ve made you start rituals and repeat various mantras. Certain erogenous zones have been awakened. Though you’ve been curious about having your ass filled. Seeing me fist and fuck my other slaves has made a certain part of you ache for the same attention. I sent a certain toy to you, and will explain how it works. This way we can get started and I can control you from anywhere in the world.


Latex Cuck

I didn’t wear this gorgeous black latex for you. Though you are going to help me finish getting ready. I decided you’re not coming out to the fetish party with us. There’s an after party I’m hostessing, and you have the task of getting out the wine and hors d’oeuvres. I also expect my dungeon to be in pristine condition. The level of participation I’ll allow you is determined by how well you shine my latex. If you do a good job, a strap on gang bang will be in your future. Though if you do poorly…I have other plans. Let’s get started.


Are you lucky?

Do you remember when you first contacted me? With excitement and eagerness to impress you said, “Mistress, I’m locked in a silicone chastity device! I can still wank though!” Do you also remember what I said? Things have gotten much better and more restrictive since locking you in a custom metal chastity device. It’s been a while since your last orgasm. I’ve put various chastity keys in this glass bowl. Let’s see if I draw out your key today. Are you lucky?


Entrance Exam

Each slave in my domain must go through an entrance exam. A variety of tests and procedures are conducted in order to determine a supplicant’s proper health and fitness. I’ll be checking your pulse, making sure your glands aren’t swollen, and dilating you in a variety of ways. All of this is to gauge your ability to serve over a longer term. When you offer yourself to me, all of your holes are mine as well.

Open Wide

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Open Wide

I’m glad you’re in the position I instructed. Just let your legs naturally fall open. I’m going to give you a thorough prostate exam. Besides checking for any abnormalities, I’m going to be collecting a specimen sample to send off to the lab. A larger sample is needed to run all the tests I’ve ordered, so, I’m also going to dilate you. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’re just fine.

2019 Checkup

2019 Checkup

Since you haven’t seen your GP for a checkup in a while, I’ve decided to take things upon Myself. The exam you’re about to receive is more invasive than normal. If I discover any abnormalities you’ll be referred to your GP. These things are important, and your continued submission hinges on a clean bill of health. There’s a specimen cup to your right, and I’ll be collecting one to send off to the lab. An elevated pulse and heavy breathing around Me is normal, but let’s make sure this isn’t problematic.

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