Entries by Natalya

Custom video contest on Streamate!

Custom video contest on Streamate! For those of you wondering where I’ve been in the camming realm, I wanted to take this time to announce the change. Over the past few weeks I’ve been regularly on Streamate Since I’ve been having such a wonderful time on there, I wanted to do something special…starting today! At […]

Unlocked & Shorn 2

Unlocked & Shorn 2 Happy Locktober! Well, it may not be so “happy” for some slaves. I gave slave a specific instructions. After having his body hair removed he was to keep himself cleanly shaven at all times. The other day I received a photo of how unkempt he had become. This is absolutely unacceptable! […]

Unlocked and Shorn

Unlocked and Shorn My chaste slave minion has been locked up for a while. This is obvious by the unkempt hair on his balls and groin area. While I tease him with My fingernails and silky smooth stockings, it’s time for him to be unlocked. I want to remove all his body hair! There’s a […]

Breaking your will

Breaking your will We need to have a talk about your submission. Before you start jerking off, sit on your hands. That’s the problem…your desire to feverishly stroke that insignificant piece of flesh between your legs is compulsive. It’s taking away from properly serving. Orgasms are earned. Swift kicks to the balls will have the […]

OnlyFans and iwantfanclub

As I’ve slowly and steadily been building up my video content, there have been many slick, shiny, and salacious photos from these shoots. Over time I just held onto them knowing someday they would either be great promotional images, or…I’d do something interesting with them. For those of you who’ve been following my social media […]

Chastity Assignments: Anal Ladder

Chastity Assignments: Anal Ladder At this point I’ve had you under lock and key for quite some time. Parts of your body you never thought of have become erogenous zones. Light touches become electrifying. Though your attraction to having something in your ass has reached a feverish pitch! Make sure you’ve followed the instructions in […]

Latex Compulsion

Latex Compulsion My instructions are clear: purchase a box of latex gloves that fit your hands. It’s not enough to gaze upon My shiny latex curves. The assignment I’m about to give you will titillate your senses daily…as well as link your sense of smell to deep subservience. Scent has a distinctive link to memories. […]

BBC Fucked and Drained

BBC Fucked and Drained My rubber gimp has been forced to hold in a large butt plug for a while. I have him restrained and spread open eagerly waiting for My big black cock. It’s been three weeks of chastity, teasing, and torment. As I lube up My silicone slut slayer the hunger in his […]

At My Feet

At My Feet Making Me wait is a grievous error. Considering how much you lust after My highly arched feet and ache to bury your face in them, you should be punctual. So, I’m going to make you wait. As I slowly dangle My high heels-easing them millimeter by millimeter off My porcelain toes-your hunger […]

Down the Shaft

Down the Shaft Getting unlocked after only three weeks in chastity is a sign I have distinctive plans. My rubber gimp’s cock springs out of the confines of his cock cage. With his ass plugged and mouth already put to work on My boots, there’s still another hole to have My way with. Medical fetishists […]