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Tales From the Lock: Piss Bondage

Tales From the Lock: Piss Bondage No matter where you are in the world, I can always control you. This next tale from the lock involves distance training. The power I have from a distance can also include predicaments. Between instructed bondage, timed locks, a vibrator, a butt plug, and a unique way of consumption; […]

Face Slapped and Spit Teased

Face Slapped and Spit Teased  Upon further inspection of my boots, I realize there’s slobber all over them. It was not the passionate shining I had asked for. To ensure he does better next time, I deliver a brutal face slapping. As his cheeks become more red, I spit into his face. This one enjoys […]

Shoved In Your Mouth

Shoved In Your Mouth Such simple designs render themselves to devious applications. Gags add that extra layer of, “oomph” to all kinds of bondage positions. Didn’t you say you can’t have marks? I don’t need to mark your flesh in order to satiate my sadistic lust. Of course you’ll be sore long after you leave […]

The Insatiable Boot bitch

The Insatiable Boot bitch They travel great distances to submit and serve me. Upon seeing this slave’s eyes go wide at the sight of my thigh high boots, I knew what he was. Though hesitating at first, I kept him on a short leash to greet me properly. The yearning and hunger to lick, kiss, […]

I gave one of my minions a research assignment about chastity.

I gave one of my minions a research assignment about chastity. Since I’m impressed with both his writing and desire to impress me, I wanted to share this information here. History of Male Chastity I must disclose that I am writing this research paper under duress. I am in bondage, gagged, my balls are tied […]

Desensitization Meets Resensitization

Desensitization Meets Resensitization  As a result of your frequent masturbatory habits you’ve become desensitized. At a certain point your porn consumption has led you towards a darker path. The shine of my latex has always caught your eye, and I’m going to use this to my advantage. In fantasizing about my latex gloved hand wrapped […]

Locktober Leads To Your New Life

Locktober Leads To Your New Life In a poll on social media 53% of people agreed with the statement, “chastity is a way of life”. This says a few things. For over 15 years I’ve been locking male creatures in chastity. Much like you, they’re drawn to the depth and breadth of my experience as […]

I’m Not Making Love To your booty

I’m Not Making Love To your booty My wanton rubber gimp has a hungry hole he needs stuffed full. With everything he’s endured this evening, I slide on my strap on-eagerly wanting to rail his ass! After 90 days of being locked in chastity, I contemplate allowing him to cum on my dick. I could […]

Long Term Cum Storage: The Finale

Long Term Cum Storage: The Finale It’s all been leading up to this moment. Get out your cum jar. I’m going to have you make one last deposit. As I tease you with my shiny latex curves and cleavage, I know you won’t take long. Between your anticipation and fear, I’ve taken measures to ensure […]