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Visiting Chicago June 19th-23rd!

Visiting Chicago June 19th-23rd! The sun is shining, and it’s time for me to make slaves up North “sing” along with the birds in celebration of summer. I’ll be using one of Lady Sophia’s gorgeous dungeon spaces for sessions. While I always pack a variety of restraints, disciplinary aides, and electrical items, be sure to […]

Assume the Position

Assume the Position Admiring the previous work Mistress Pomf did with a hair brush spanking, I decide to thoroughly thrash My slave’s backside with a London Tanner’s leather strap. It’s a great joy to share My property with another Lady while reveling in his moans and whimpers. I want his ass tender to even the […]

Chastity Assignments: Kali’s Teeth

Chastity Assignments: Kali’s Teeth Over the past few months you’ve been under firm lock and key. I’ve assigned you various tasks and you’ve adopted daily rituals. It’s been challenging and I know how much you’ve ached for a release. There have been no reports of wet dreams. Every release is supervised and assigned to be […]

Lucky Number 13

  Lucky Number 13 For the past year I’ve instructed you to purchase graduating sizes of plugs and dildos. The salacious dreams you’ve reported about getting deeply pounded are destined to come to fruition. All the preparation you’ve done just shows how much of a depraved and hungry slut you are. I’ve seen your eyes […]

2019 Checkup

2019 Checkup Since you haven’t seen your GP for a checkup in a while, I’ve decided to take things upon Myself. The exam you’re about to receive is more invasive than normal. If I discover any abnormalities you’ll be referred to your GP. These things are important, and your continued submission hinges on a clean […]

Custom video contest on Streamate!

Custom video contest on Streamate! For those of you wondering where I’ve been in the camming realm, I wanted to take this time to announce the change. Over the past few weeks I’ve been regularly on Streamate Since I’ve been having such a wonderful time on there, I wanted to do something special…starting today! At […]

Unlocked & Shorn 2

Unlocked & Shorn 2 Happy Locktober! Well, it may not be so “happy” for some slaves. I gave slave a specific instructions. After having his body hair removed he was to keep himself cleanly shaven at all times. The other day I received a photo of how unkempt he had become. This is absolutely unacceptable! […]

Unlocked and Shorn

Unlocked and Shorn My chaste slave minion has been locked up for a while. This is obvious by the unkempt hair on his balls and groin area. While I tease him with My fingernails and silky smooth stockings, it’s time for him to be unlocked. I want to remove all his body hair! There’s a […]

Breaking your will

Breaking your will We need to have a talk about your submission. Before you start jerking off, sit on your hands. That’s the problem…your desire to feverishly stroke that insignificant piece of flesh between your legs is compulsive. It’s taking away from properly serving. Orgasms are earned. Swift kicks to the balls will have the […]

OnlyFans and iwantfanclub

As I’ve slowly and steadily been building up my video content, there have been many slick, shiny, and salacious photos from these shoots. Over time I just held onto them knowing someday they would either be great promotional images, or…I’d do something interesting with them. For those of you who’ve been following my social media […]