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Loyal Fans Interview

Loyal Fans Interview Happy New Year! Hopefully you’re all having a great start to 2022 and staying safe. I ended up doing a bit of traveling over the “howliday” season to visit with kinky loved ones. Right before the season kicked into high gear I had the opportunity to do an interview with Loyal Fans. […]

At the Feet of Divinity

At the Feet of Divinity There’s a reason I have you beneath me. It’s to reinforce your proper place. To show reverence you’ll worship and adore me how I command you. I can allow you to touch me, or I can banish you. Of course you don’t want the latter. My scent is trapped in […]

Testicle Tether

Testicle Tether Did you get the long piece of rope? Good. Frequently masturbating means you’re getting desensitized. While that may be excellent for my other sadistic urges, I’m in the mood to tie up your balls. I can tell you’re already getting close listening to my voice and watching me. If you pop off too […]

Test Subject 001

Test Subject 001 This clip contains flashing lights. If you have photo sensitivity, this is not for you. Thank you for answering our advertisement regarding alternative therapies for chronic masturbation. While our methods are unorthodox, you’ll find your erections will eventually be stronger, you’ll last longer in the bedroom, and your orgasms will be more […]

The Discontinuation of AVN Stars

The Discontinuation of AVN Stars Perhaps the title of this blog is a bit misleading. Rather than have a lengthy title, I wanted to grab your attention with an important announcement. As of January 1st, 2022 AVN Stars will cease its monetization features. You can read more about this here: AVN Stars ceases monetization If […]

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Self Fulfilling Prophecy What is it about chastity that makes your heart pound, palms sweat, and a certain area stand at attention? Even if you’re not aware, it’s due to your need for control. Being subservient is part of your DNA. Having your cock locked with the key dangling in my cleavage is a fantasy […]

Choice of Dick

Choice of Dick It appears you’ve brought me something. Did you really want me to fuck you with that? This is more like it. As a budding size queen, there’s no way I’d rail you with something so small. Remember: it’s always my choice as to what I use to penetrate you. Standing at rapt […]

your taste

your taste Since you’ve been good, I’ll allow you a release today. All that edging over the course of multiple days has lead up to this. I know you can’t help but put my videos of: fisting, face sitting, strap on fuckery, and whipping on repeat daily. Keep in mind every release you have must […]

Tales From the Lock: FemDom Fuckery Gangbang

Tales From the Lock: FemDom Fuckery Gangbang Are you feeling comfortably uncomfortable in your cock prison? At this point in your chastity sentence you’re probably having certain fantasies. They aren’t unlike my other chaste minion. Much like you, they all fantasize about being stuffed full and ravaged. I’ve called four other Dominant Women to come […]

Consequential Facesitting

Consequential Facesitting In the past you’ve admired my ass in latex, leather, and lingerie. A simple little tease and a knowing look from me is enough for you to say, “I’ll do anything to be smothered by your ass, Mistress.” In order for me to indulge your desire to be used as furniture, you’re going […]