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Denier and Derierre

Denier and Derierre Exquisite Wolford stockings highlight my legs and stop just below a certain area. I have your attention locked and fixated on my curves. It would be so easy to sit on your face and overwhelm you in a variety of ways. In your state of rapt attention your hand is going to […]

Forever A Boot bitch

Forever A Boot bitch The loyalty and deep submission you’ve shown over time means two things. First, you’re attending a fetish party with me. Second, I’ve trusted you with a specific task. For some time I’ve known of your boot lust. I could see the wheels in your brain turn into a frenzy as you […]

Count Back

Count Back The women who brought you to my clinic had good intentions. They certainly had no idea what would happen to you. Don’t try to move. It will be less painful in the long run. Just take some nice deep breaths and count back from 10. I’ve decided you’re a male specimen worthy of […]

Special Offer For My Birthday Month

Special Offer For My Birthday Month Let’s see if you’re paying attention. September is my Birthday month, and I’ll be turning the big 40(on the 27th)! This also means I’ll be celebrating 18 years in the Pro FemDom industry. It continues to be a wild ride-one that fulfills me in indescribable ways. Many of you […]

Heavenly Sweat

Heavenly Sweat For the past few hours I’ve been wearing this gorgeous black shiny latex outfit. Do you know what that means, foot slave? I have sweat cascading down my legs and pooling between my pedicured toes. My feet are extremely fragrant, and your job is to lap up all my sweat. Of course you’ll […]

Dick Ratings Are Stupid

Dick Ratings Are Stupid Why would you ask me, or any Professional Dominatrix for that matter, for a dick rating? I’ve seen thousands of them at this point. Though I am intrigued by the fact you can never get a second date. Let’s have a conversation about that. Now’s not the time to be shy. […]

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces When you first visited me I saw a budding size queen. I knew you needed to be slowly and methodically stretched out. That way you could be stuffed full by the large cock between my legs. Given your ravenous hunger for dick, I know how empty your spaces feel. Starting off with your […]

Thrashing From your Teacher

Thrashing From your Teacher I summoned you to my office for a few reasons. Obviously you’re getting distracted by my seamed stockings and cleavage. The adjustments you’re doing with your pants are giveaways. Of course this means I’ll be giving you a more harsh discipline. No, you’re not going over my knee for a spanking. […]

Throat Fucked By My Feet

Throat Fucked By My Feet Did you think you could slobber all over my feet and call it, “worship”? Hell no! I’m in a particular mood today after wearing my pantyhose for numerous hours. My pedicured size 9 feet are sweaty and fragrant. As I slide and dangle my high heels in front of your […]

The Precipice

The Precipice Your chart says on average you jerk off 2-3 times per day. Is that correct? It also says you’ve been feeling drained, fatigued, and desensitized. I’m going to have you do an exercise where instead of ejaculating, you’re brought right to the edge without toppling over it. I’ll also go over how you […]