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Painful and Erotic Sole Obsession

Painful and Erotic Sole Obsession Lustful gazes at my feet turn into keeping him on a short leash. I instruct slave algo to present his balls. The tight ball bondage results in fueling his passion for foot worship. Teasing him with my high heels-he has to work to remove my heel with his mouth. Between […]

Double Shocked and Rubberized

Double Shocked and Rubberized My rubber gimp hasn’t had much experience with electrical play. Spread open, tied down, and completely rubberized from head to toe there’s no escape from the sensations he’ll endure. I have his balls squished in an electrical ball crusher. This is connected to one electrical box. Though I decide one electrical […]

Made Into My Spittoon

Made Into My Spittoon There’s a certain kink you haven’t indulged in a while. Oh, you know what I mean. Any time I wear this shade of lipstick and part my lips, you wish I’d spit on you. I’ve grabbed an oval gag to ensure your mouth stays open. When I aim to spit in […]

Hungry For Soles

Hungry For Soles Summer is coming to a close. All the bare feet at the beach, sandals, and peep toed pumps are being replaced with boots. Unfortunately your ability to watch public foot porn is diminishing. What hasn’t diminished is your raving foot lust. Do you think all those women knew what a foot freak […]

120% Commission on Clips4Sale!

120% Commission on Clips4Sale! Between today(the 1st) and September 20th Clips4Sale is doing something special to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. If you click on any of my promotional links and make a purchase, I receive 120% of the sale! This is extremely generous to those of us who create content. So yes, I want you […]

Purple is My Favorite Color

Purple is My Favorite Color “I like making you scared.” In removing his chastity device, he doesn’t have a shield against my sadism. My previous cruel teasing had a purpose. I wanted his balls full and ready to be pummeled. Tied tightly, I add a layer of predicament bondage. The more he thrashes around in […]

Edge For My Ass

Edge For My Ass Nothing leaves you standing at attention more than my shiny curves in latex. Of course your eyes are continuously drawn to a key area. I receive the most compliments on my ass. My waist to hip ratio has always been pronounced. As I pour lube to shine my ass, you’ll be […]

Layers of Gimp Training

Layers of Gimp Training For ages you’ve dreamed of becoming one of my rubber gimps. Between the look, feel, smell, and distinctive sounds latex makes you’ve wanted to embrace it all. The transformative process of being rubberized is a multi layered journey. As you hear the sounds my latex dress makes, there’s nothing you want […]

Controlled Pleasure

Controlled Pleasure This gimp is encased in rubber, tied down, and under firm lock and key. I’m pleased his chastity device doesn’t allow much room for growth. This will make any teasing quite agonizing. Sliding a cock sheath attached to a vibrator, I alternate between settings. In seeing his rubberized feet move and toes curl, […]

Hands On Hands Off

Hands On Hands Off It’s been a little while since we’ve been able to indulge together. I can see I have your rapt attention. As my elegant latex gloved hands gleam and glisten in the light, I can tell you have dirty thoughts. As you imagine my slick and shiny hands gripped around your cock, […]