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Encased and Edged Rubber Torment

Encased and Edged Rubber Torment With shiny head to toe latex and rubber encasement, I have my gimp quite helpless. This one will never forget he’s merely a toy for my amusement. Since he’s a chronic masturbator, I decide to see how desensitized he is. My Tremblr cock milking machine definitely makes him desperate! To […]

Teasing The Trichophiliac

Teasing The Trichophiliac My long silky raven locks turn heads. I get all sorts of compliments on how gorgeous my hair is. It’s more than just something that catches your attention. What goes through your mind as I slowly run my manicured nails through my hair? I can sense that you’ve fallen into a trance […]

Long Term Cum Storage: First Deposit

Long Term Cum Storage: First Deposit Have you been obediently waiting to make your first deposit? I wanted to ensure you were sufficiently backed up and eager. This way you have a voluminous load to collect in your jar. It’s deviously delightful to tease and make you edge over and over again. Let’s see if […]

Rubber Rearrangement

Rubber Rearrangement It’s your second visit to our clinic for unorthodox treatments. After reading your chart it appears you’ve experienced an intensity of orgasms. Though only slight, this next round will really increase things. Now that we know more about what flips your switch, we’ve tailored a particularly special program for you this time around. […]

Crushing Your Manhood

Crushing Your Manhood Over time I’ve had you squeeze your balls. It was in preparation for a certain devious device I’ve wanted to use on you. Perhaps you’ve seen it before, but now it’s your turn to experience it firsthand. Never forget I am a sadist, and I revel in making you endure a variety […]

Busted Rubber Gimp Parts

Busted Rubber Gimp Parts With dangling parts on display it just means there’s more to annihilate. Afterwards he mentioned not knowing I could kick so hard. Though I didn’t just resort to kicks. There’s something about kneeing, squeezing, and slapping balls that really gets me aroused. The more my rubber gimp sweats and endures, the […]

Tales From the Lock: The Afterparty

Tales From the Lock: The Afterparty Smut. Debauchery. Depravity. These are all things you’ve come to expect when envisioning an afterparty. I see you’re back to hear about more tales from the lock. What I’m about to disclose should never be expected. What occurred only transpired because the stars aligned, everyone was turned on, and […]

Dedication To Nipple Torment

Dedication To Nipple Torment Did you think I was going to simply tease and allow you to jerk off? No, I’m going to keep both of your hands busy. Those nipples are extremely sensitive, and you’re going to awaken those long forgotten nerve endings. As I tease and slowly build things up, I know you’re […]

Leather Glove Lust

Leather Glove Lust Indulge in both the visuals and distinctive sounds leather gloves make. Opera length leather gloves can be both sensual and terrifying depending on the context. Will you be rewarded by a gentle caress of my leather gloved hands and fingers? Or will you endure intense correction from one of my favorite canes? […]

Behave Or Get Booted

Behave Or Get Booted Just because you have certain urges surrounding worshiping my ass doesn’t mean you may do so without permission. I expect you to control yourself otherwise you aren’t worthy of being controlled. Behave or get booted-both literally and figuratively. This is your last chance to show you’re useful. My thigh high boots […]