Ice cold caning

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Ice cold caning

There’s cold canings, and then there’s ice cold canings. Lady Wolf joins Me to thoroughly thrash My slave’s already welted backside. She picks out a thinner cane to intensify the sting. We chat about his earlier comeuppance whilst firmly applying large ice packs to his ass. As he gets cold Our eagerness runs hot! One would think the ice packs would ease his suffering, but it makes it so much worse. The anticipation builds along with Lady Wolf and My devious smiles. As each accurate cane stroke lands My slave’s cries grow louder and higher pitched. A surprise is in store as I never forget certain requests.

Video Updates: “Suffer For Our Heels” and “Smaller Than a Cigarette”

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Suffer For Our Heels

Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy want bart to worship Their high heels…but there’s always a price to pay for the privilege! In order to ensure proper attention is given Mistress Natalya presses Her heel into bart’s balls while he sucks on Mistress Michelle’s black stiletto. When the Ladies switch places Mistress Michelle delivers kicks to his balls as bart is made to deep throat Mistress Natalya’s heel. As the heel digs into bart’s cock more enthusiasm is shown, but there’s a consequence when bart touches Mistress Natalya’s stocking clad ankle without permission.

Smaller Than a Cigarette

I know you’re always drawn to Women-Dominant Women-that smoke. There’s something else though. No matter how excited you are by the combination of stockings, high heels, opera length gloves, and red lipstick on cigarette butts, you can’t seem to show anything adequate between your legs. I’m going to indulge on this cigarette, and maybe as it burns down that thing will surpass it in size. Go ahead. Keep playing with yourself. If you fail in your efforts, I know exactly what to do…