Dressed For Dick

Dressed For Dick

Did you wonder what happened to the black bag in the trunk of your car? There’s no reason to hide things from Me. I see you went shopping for panties. It’s natural to want silky material gliding across the microscopic piece of flesh between your legs. Though the jeweled vibrator is not something you’ll have access to. There’s no way you were going to put on lacy and silky panties to rub one out in that manner-not without My permission. I’m going to decide how you’ll be dressed and what you’ll have to do to earn a release. Dressing up is the first step. I’m going to turn you into a dick loving slut. It’s the natural order of things when you’re that small.

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“Whatever” panties FemDom gang bang video

DSC_2656I ended up doing a ridiculously fun FemDom gang bang shoot with: Alice in Bondageland, Quinn Helix, Denali Winter, and Daisy Ducati while in LA this year. My slave, -7-, tried to be funny by wearing a pair of panties that said, “WHATEVER”, on the butt. Instead of taking “her” sass, I took it as a suggestion that -7- was up for “whatever” in “her” ass! Cock sucking, a little bondage, flogging, and strap on play ensued. Let this be a lesson to never sass your Mistress!

Below is a longer preview for this near hour long video:PREVIEW-Gangbang-Pinky-Swear-WHATEVER-NatalyaSadici

You can purchase the full video, or parts 1 and 2 separately in my clips4sale store HERE. I really look forward to shooting with these wonderful Ladies again soon.