Crying on his birthday: the strap

Crying on his birthday: the strap

The thick leather strap Mistress Natalya Sadici wields is mistaken for a wooden paddle. Upon first impact servant cj’s backside dramatically changes colors. No area is left without Mistress Natalya’s sadistic attention. She makes sure to thoroughly thrash each butt cheek as well as his sensitive sweet spots. As servant cj’s whimpering comes to a higher pitch, Mistress Natalya laughs. “The saying, ‘don’t cry on your birthday,’ doesn’t apply here.” A light touch of Her fingertips elicits a shudder, but She continues…

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Peeping bart’s leather strapping: clips4sale update

StrappingbartstillThe following clip has been added to Sadici Studios:

Peeping bart’s strapping
After a thorough OTK spanking in the previous clip, Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy decide to drive the point home further with leather straps on bart’s ass! Redness and marks start popping up on his backside after their full swings. The Ladies are not through with teaching bart his lesson. The hairbrushes will come out in part 3!