My Personal Fantasies: Lesbian Cuckhold

My Personal Fantasies: Lesbian Cuckhold

Did you think this was for you? Oh, my eager slut, you can be particularly greedy, insatiable, and misguided! Did you think I only fantasize about fucking your ass? You need a lesson about more of my fantasies. After all, you’re here to ensure I’m fulfilled. Don’t forget you exist as my little bitch. That can take many forms. As I divulge the salacious details of this fantasy, I can tell you’re feeling a mix of emotions. I’m proactive in making what I want happen, and you’ll witness that reality shortly.

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Video Update: “The Cock Inside My Lover”

The following clip is now available at Sadici Studios:

“The Cock Inside My Lover”

My latex clad body is exciting to see, but is that all you have between your legs? That’s grossly inadequate. This is something I wanted to talk to you about-how you can’t possibly compare to the silicone cock I just used on My Lady lover. Go ahead and smell it…smell Her on this dick. I’m going to put a condom on this before I shove it down your throat. No, you’re absolutely not worthy of even tasting a Woman. I’m going to throat fuck you while you have one last orgasm. That little thing will be locked away so you accept your fate as My bitch.