Firm Comeuppance: Spanking Compilation

Firm Comeuppance: Spanking Compilation

Whether a spanko is over Mistress Natalya Sadici’s knee or on a spanking bench, his backside will be worked over! Her hand delivers a firm comeuppance-even leaving bruises. In nearly an hour of spanking content watch Mistress Natalya discipline and correct unruly bottoms. Her hand is sure to warm up the backsides of miscreants this holiday season and set them a blaze! This compilation contains: Unacceptable Presentation, Overindulgent birthday, Spanking Wake Up Call, Rectifying Ineptitude, Broken Through Adjustment, and Crying on his birthday all for one discounted price.

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Travel Update: Chicago June 28th-July 3rd

It’s been a full year since I relocated from Chicago to South Florida. I said I would be back, and I keep my promises. My travel plans have been finalized. I’ll be visiting and taking sessions in Chicago June 28th-July 3rd! My favorite dungeon to utilize in the Windy City is Lady Sophia’s Chicago Dungeon Rentals, so, that is where I’ll take sessions. Be sure to get in contact via email to arrange your time to submit( I tend to bring a vast array of: bondage gear, CBT and NT items, electrical gear, domestic disciplinary aides, whips and more whenever I travel. It’s always best to make advance arrangements to ensure both my availability and that I have certain items packed for our session.

Rectifying Ineptitude: The Strap

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Rectifying Ineptitude: The Strap

Questioning Mistress Natalya Sadici’s command is never something a slave should do. When instructed to stand up, bend over the couch, and present his ass, Her slave makes further errors. A leather strap from London Tanners wielded by Mistress Natalya is something Her slave whimpers about! As his left and right butt cheeks receive a thorough thrashing, Her slave quivers. Without a sincere apology for his ineptitude Mistress Natalya will continue…

Rectifying Ineptitude: The Hairbrush

Rectifying Ineptitude: The Hairbrush

A reddened backside hasn’t quite rectified Mistress Natalya Sadici’s insolent slave. The aim is to ensure any amount of sitting or movement will be a consistent reminder of his ineptitude and speaking out of turn. Mistress Natalya grabs a thick wooden hairbrush to continue his atonement. Hard swats on each butt cheek continue as She leg locks him. This ensures there’s no escape as his “sit spots” are then thrashed! As his backside turns a deeper shade of red, bruises develop in strategic areas. Mistress Natalya only hears moans and gasps instead of having any interruptions. There’s more in store…

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Rectifying Ineptitude

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Rectifying Ineptitude

Mistress Natalya Sadici told Her domestic slave to fetch a glass of water and is getting impatient. It’s taken too long for him to follow such a simple command. Not only did he forget the ice, but the water is luke warm. She splashes the water on his chest, grabs his collar, and forces him over Her knee. Delivering firm over the knee spanking, Mistress Natalya articulates precisely what he did wrong…only Her slave interrupts as She’s speaking. Compounding his already inept behavior, Mistress Natalya is determined to rectify the situation. She concentrates on the lower parts of his backside to begin a firm correction. Even his “sit spots” receive Her firm hand. Mistress Natalya expects more from slaves who are elevated to a domestic servitude position, and She will continue his discipline…

Spanking Wake Up Call

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Spanking Wake Up Call

Kicking the bars of the cage, Mistress Natalya Sadici wakes up slave algo. During his little nap he had some frustratingly sexual dreams. Despite begging and moaning to be let out of chastity, Mistress Natalya shows zero sympathy. She’s decided he’s going to take pain in order to prove he’ll, “do nearly anything” to be let out. Pulling him over the cage and shackling him to it, Mistress Natalya spanks his exposed backside. As his ass reddens and moans can be heard, She notices slave algo’s hip thrusting! With harder and heavier swats to his backside, Mistress Natalya decides the cane is next…

New video update: “Overindulgent birthday: OTK spanking”

For the most part I have gotten settled into My new home in South Florida. What does that mean? Filming more content has occurred! The first in a series is now available in My clips4sale store “Overindulgent birthday: OTK spanking”

Mistress Natalya Sadici summons Her spanko to receive his birthday spankings. Though She’s heard from reliable sources he’s been overindulging on wine earlier in the month. This is unacceptable! The spanko is put over Her knee for a thorough OTK comeuppance…with one twist. Spankings aren’t the only thing he’ll receive on his reddened backside. A full evening of correction is in store. Mistress Michelle Lacy will be joining later on. As Mistress Natalya has him struggling over Her knee, there’s more to come as this series continues! This will be one evening he won’t forget.


The finale: Peeping bart’s hairbrush punishment

barthairbrushstillThe finale: Peeping bart’s hairbrush punishment is now available in my clips4sale store

Here is a brief description:

Even though the leather straps broke open bart’s backside and bandaids had to be applied, Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy do not think he’s quite learned his lesson. The hairbrushes come out! Mistress Natalya starts and pays extra attention to bart’s “sweet spots”-delivering blows to his tender areas. Mistress Michelle doesn’t hold back and makes sure he gives a sincere apology before the Ladies demand him to leave.
Given the cold weather of winter, I can think of many of you who could use an ass reddening! If these words are a siren’s call to you, don’t hesitate to contact me for a face to face session.

New clip added: Peeping bart’s OTK spanking

OTKbartspankThis new OTK spanking clip is now available in my clips4sale store:

Peeping bart’s OTK spanking
Mistress Natalya Sadici noticed a man staring in through her window while she was putting on her stockings. During a phone call to a friend, Mistress Michelle Lacy catches the peeping bart in the act and drags him inside! The Ladies pull down his pants and underwear, then bart is swiftly put over Mistress Natalya’s knee for a harsh over the knee spanking. After being questioned and confessing, bart still needs to be taught a lesson and given an attitude adjustment. Mistress Michelle gives him a spanking he won’t soon forget! The Ladies are not through with this brat. Stay tuned for more of bart’s ass blistering…