Crying on his birthday: the paddle

Crying on his birthday: the paddle

In order to hear servant cj’s cries and sobs better Mistress Natalya Sadici changes Her spanko’s position. Instructed to bend over, grab the spanking bench, and brace himself She puts momentum behind each swing. As the intensity ramps up, servant cj’s locked up cock visibly dribbles. Even though the paddling count for his birthday thrashings hasn’t started, Mistress Natalya shows no mercy. She barely gives him breaks to catch his breath. Since he doesn’t know Mistress Natalya’s age, She can assign any number She pleases. Of course he didn’t realize the number of canes in the room…and he will become well acquainted with each one very soon.

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Peeping bart’s leather strapping: clips4sale update

StrappingbartstillThe following clip has been added to Sadici Studios:

Peeping bart’s strapping
After a thorough OTK spanking in the previous clip, Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy decide to drive the point home further with leather straps on bart’s ass! Redness and marks start popping up on his backside after their full swings. The Ladies are not through with teaching bart his lesson. The hairbrushes will come out in part 3!