Fuck Button

Fuck Button

As My Tremblr cock milking machine is on a low setting, this slave is spread open and eagerly waiting to get fucked. I slide My thick strap on into his wanton ass easily as I crank up the Tremblr. With just a simple touch of a button I can control the pace and how much his cock is gripped. Earlier he earned the privilege of My superior FemDom cock through taking pain, but we’ll see how long he’ll last getting milked with a machine! My pace of deep hard thrusts to power pound his ass brings him closer and closer to the edge of assgasm. Will I allow him to cum, or will I leave him just a panting mess after this sensation overload?

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Dungeon Additions

Dungeon Additions

For those who have been following My social media you may have noticed a few new additions. I had a custom piece of dungeon furniture made by Metalbound Furniture

This bondage table with a cage underneath includes many attachment points. It’s perfect for all sorts of scenes-particularly the extended bondage sessions I love so much! The image below was shot by Lady Wolf during Her last visit to South Florida.

For those craving restraint, immobilization, or a cage to sleep in during an overnight session I’ll revel in rendering you helpless. This piece was definitely worth the wait. I had wanted a piece from Metalbound since I first started as a Pro Domme. That dream has come to fruition.

The second addition is the Tremblr milking machine. Imagine being teased and kept on edge for however long I desire. Are you worthy of such a privilege, or are you ready to work hard in order to earn it? Of course I ultimately decide.


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Mistress Aleera of London visits December 14th to…

Mistress Aleera of London visits December 14th to January 6th!

I am back from my visit to London, and South Florida is about to have an extra special gift this “Howliday Season”. Mistress Aleera will be visiting Me from December 14th to January 6th! We had such a fantastic time in London between shoots, celebratory canings, bondage, and other scintillating scenes that She didn’t need much convincing to visit Me. Besides, the Howlidays are always wonderful in tropical paradise.

Solo and double Domme scenes are possible, but make sure to follow My booking protocol to arrange your servitude. More information about Mistress Aleera can be found on her website: Queen of Wolves

If you’ve been following both of our Twitter accounts, you’ll notice we’ve been posting more extensively about our adventures on AVN Stars. Be sure to follow Us on that platform. I’ll be posting a more thorough blog about AVN Stars in a follow up blog shortly.