The Discontinuation of AVN Stars

The Discontinuation of AVN Stars

Perhaps the title of this blog is a bit misleading. Rather than have a lengthy title, I wanted to grab your attention with an important announcement. As of January 1st, 2022 AVN Stars will cease its monetization features. You can read more about this here:

AVN Stars ceases monetization

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this information already. Do you remember my announcement about starting a Loyal Fans account and mentioning I didn’t want to put all my eggs into one income earning basket? Now you see why. I’m currently having a sad chuckle to myself about a certain male creature. Shortly after my Loyal Fans announcement he attempted giving me business advice with a warning about, “spreading myself too thin”. Not only was his, “advice” not asked for, but he was ultimately proven very wrong. If you aren’t in the adult industry and you’ve not been asked for advice, keep your mouth shut and fingers off your keyboards. There’s a lot behind the scenes many of us are privy to and can see coming. In this case, a few of us saw that AVN Stars wasn’t making changes to comply with MasterCard’s new regulations on adult content. The platforms making changes to adapt and evolve will stay viable. The ones that don’t will fold. Regardless of how all of us feel, we need to pivot. If you want to be helpful, keep reading.

What does this mean for me, Mistress?

If you’ve purchased credits on AVN Stars to subscribe, tip, purchase videos, and/or open PTV content; use them as soon as possible! Creators have to wait 7 business days for funds to go from, “pending” to “available” for withdraws. From the information available at the time of this blog, the cut off for payments to creators is midnight, December 31st EST. To ensure I actually receive your generosity(get paid), use your credits now!

I mentioned earlier the title of this blog is a bit misleading. While video purchases, opening PTV content, subscribing, and tipping won’t be possible after the 31st of this month; free content will still be available. From my current understanding, AVN Stars will be like Twitter-another social media site where you can view free posts. If it doesn’t get shut down completely, this will be a good option in case the proverbial shit hits the fan for Twitter. Only time will tell. I don’t want to speculate too much, but want to inform you of how I intend on using AVN Stars after the 31st.

I urge you to start a Loyal Fans Account This is where I will continue to post my slick, shiny, and debauched FemDom content! Of course I put the really good stuff behind a paywall to reward my loyal subjects. This is also where you can tip(tribute) to show your appreciation, book cam sessions, buy videos, open PTV content, and carry on paid text conversations with me. As with any online platform, DO NOT discuss face to face sessions. This is how platforms get into hot water and start having problems. If you specifically want to discuss face to face sessions with me, email is the way to go about it. Showing your appreciation for my time in reading your emails and responding through tips(tributes) on Loyal Fans is encouraged and welcomed. Hint: I prioritize responses to those who are continuously generous.


I look forward to seeing you amidst my Loyal Fans followers and subscribers!

Special Offer For My Birthday Month

Special Offer For My Birthday Month

Let’s see if you’re paying attention. September is my Birthday month, and I’ll be turning the big 40(on the 27th)! This also means I’ll be celebrating 18 years in the Pro FemDom industry. It continues to be a wild ride-one that fulfills me in indescribable ways. Many of you have seen my pivot to solely online work as a result of the pandemic. Of course I’m not alone in that pivot. My colleagues and peers had to do the same. Many of you may have noticed our shifts to different platforms as a result of ongoing regulation changes. While I won’t digress too much on those details, I want to send a big heartfelt, “thank you” to all of those who have stood by me. Many of you have had conversations with me behind the scenes detailing what is and isn’t allowed to be said or done on each platform I utilize. Some of you maintained subscriptions, bought videos, did phone calls, and text throughout the pandemic. All of this was done to show your loyalty and level of subservience. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Again, thank you. I’m grateful for your efforts and dedication. These actions prove you take D/s and my passion for FemDom seriously. Keep it up. Keep showing your appreciation and gratitude for my knowledge and skill.

While I conduct a select number of face to face sessions since being vaccinated, I have been amping up my content creation. I’ve had a presence on AVN Stars for quite a while, but I’ve also started a Loyal Fans as well. Given the current socioeconomic climate, many of us have learned to not put all of our eggs into one income earning basket. At the time of this writing my AVN Stars has much more content. I’m gradually bringing things over to Loyal Fans too. The widget showing my photo, video, and post count can be found on my Phone Domination and Distance Training Page

So, what’s the special offer? I’ve started a promotion for Loyal Fans offering a 15% discount to a select number of subscribers! Follow this link to jump onto this offer. Once those slots are taken up, you’ll have to continue at my regular subscription price. LF also has the capability to conduct one on one cam sessions. Stay tuned to my Twitter for announcements on when I’ll be available for cam sessions.

Of course you can always thoroughly impress me by signing up for both AVN Stars and Loyal Fans. I strongly encourage all of you to send tributes through these platforms throughout September to say, “Happy Birthday, Mistress”.

Session booking protocol aka the “how to get down” post

rubberstraponstill3As more and more fresh blood comes into the scene I find it increasingly important to type out this blog. Why is this called the, “Session booking protocol aka the ‘how to get down’ post”? The content of this has been inspired not only by My frequent travels to different cities, but My fellow Pro Dommes tweets, emails, and conversations We’ve had both in person and over the phone. It is inspired by you, potential client-the ones who have a difficult time mustering the courage to book a session. Whether this is your first ever session, or your first ever session with Me; keep reading. There is essential information here!

What do I mean by, “how to get down”? Before the onset of social media and the internet, it was difficult to book a session with a Pro Domina. Potential slaves had to go through all sorts of hoops. There were ads in print magazines. These ads often required a potential slave to send a hand written letter with a self addressed stamped envelope to the Lady you’d like to see. Given the amount of time it took to send this correspondence and be awarded a session, the potential slave wanted to get it right at the first attempt. A proper first impression was required. Sending your interests, boundaries, and health information was paramount. Addressing a Lady by Her preferred title was a part of this interaction. In other words, sessions were an indulgence rather than a compulsion. To “get down”-have a session-protocol was adhered to.

Of course it is currently the digital age. Do you know how lucky you are now, slave? For those of you old enough to remember going through this process, things are obviously much easier. While I’ve been a Pro Domina for 12 years, My frequent travels have awarded Me conversations with those describing how things once were. Currently I have a phone where I can press a button, speak into it, and within seconds I can find anything I desire. Years ago this was not the case. Great efforts and lengths for research had to be made. Our digital age has sadly made so many compulsive and lazy. My intent in writing this is to give extra information, a specific place of reference, and to remind you that even though communication can be instantaneous, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s a good one.

I mentioned social media earlier, and will stress a point. For Me (and I can only speak for Myself here) social media is meant as a gateway. My website is listed in every piece of social media I have. To gain information, all you need to do is go into My profile and click on the link to My website. I don’t negotiate sessions via social media. The planning process over the years for My website has been time consuming. It is important to Me that information to answer many of your questions is clearly listed. This way I don’t have to answer the same set of questions over and over again. I can then focus on what makes you personally tick and craft an experience surrounding where I’d like to take you on your FemDom journey.

By doing this research, you will see the following:

1. How I prefer to be addressed: Mistress Natalya (this is how your correspondence should begin)

2. My preferred method of contact: email to

3. Where I’m currently located and My travel schedule

4. My interests and what absolutely is NOT offered in My sessions

I’m going to give you more detailed information on what should be included in your correspondence and why. It’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for. Remember: your life is in My hands during the session. I take this responsibility very seriously and you should too.

In your initial email include the following:

1. Proper address of Me-“Mistress Natalya” is a sign of respect

2. Your name-include your first name as well as any social media aliases and message board screen names. Yes, I research you just as you should have done your research on Me.

3. How you heard about Me-I have ads and links everywhere. It’s really wonderful to know which ads are working as well as what information you’ve seen already. It’s not uncommon to hear that another Lady or member of the scene referred you. If that’s the case, I like to thank the person who spoke highly of Me. I can’t give proper thanks unless it’s stated who that person was.

4. What you would like to explore in session, interests, and fetishes-if I have no idea what you’re looking for, I don’t want to pry it out of you. Clear communication is key to having a great session experience. If you’re new, definitely say so! Describing what you think and fantasize about is a huge help. Be specific. Saying, “I want to be Dominated”, is vague and says nothing. Listing specific activities such as: CBT, bondage, or spanking is what I mean here.

5. Limits-these are things I absolutely can’t do to you. Even though My sessions are a power exchange, I take control ethically. Having certain activities that are explored only after developing a rapport is perfectly acceptable. I take great joy in expanding horizons and limits, however, I need to know what your limits are and what can be expanded!

6. Any health issues or medications you’re currently taking-Often the first thing that pops into someone’s mind is, “I don’t have any STDs”. Things such as a previous shoulder injury, bad back, or knees effect bondage positions I may put you into. Taking Cialis, or any other erectile enhancements greatly impacts sessions. I need to know these things to take certain precautions. Even though you may think something is minor, list it. Part of being a scene professional is knowing how different injuries and health issues can impact BDSM exploration. If you aren’t honest and transparent about this, not only do you put yourself at risk, but you put Me and My business at risk.

7. The day, time, and session length desired-I am a full time Professional Dominatrix. Going back and forth about “what works best for My schedule”, is not something I care to get into. Communicating specifically when you’d like to session means you’ll be taken more seriously, and your correspondence will be answered as soon as possible. It often helps to state it in the subject of your email. An example of this is: “Fort Lauderdale session inquiry 8/25”.  I require a minimum notice of 24 hours for first time sessions. Proper planning is always best. If you’re wanting to session for multiple hours, it’s best to give as much advance notice as possible. I require a deposit for session bookings and go over this process once the session is negotiated.

Be sure to use proper grammar and spelling. Emails to Me must be given the same attention and care correspondence to another business professionals would be given. Type out, “You”. Capitalize, “Mistress Natalya”. Think of the questions you’re about to ask in correspondence, but make sure these questions aren’t already answered on My website.

During our email exchanges, answer ALL of My questions. I have a reason for them. Picking and choosing which questions are answered is disrespectful. Follow My instructions to the letter, and the session will be positive experience. There is no dodging My protocol or working around it. Even if you’re booking a fetish exploration session, you are still giving up power and control because I craft the experience.

Goddess Cheyenne has written a wonderful book which not only enables you as a submissive male to make an excellent first impression on a FemDom, but also to recognize fact from fiction in FemDom advertising. I highly suggest reading it, and you can find it here:

I look forward to hearing from you, slave, and wish you the best on your FemDom journey.