Facesat and Milked bitch

Facesat and Milked bitch

The electro butt plug is still in his ass, but I’ve decided to objectify him further. My black shiny latex catsuit is filled with my sweat and other juices. As I continue to crank up the plug, I sit on his face. Perched on his face, he becomes well acquainted my ass. I bounce and grind his head into the rubber sheet as his excitement grows. This bitch is in heaven as I slide the cock milking machine on him. How long will he last before I make him consume his slave slime?

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My Personal Fantasies: 4th Edition

My Personal Fantasies: 4th Edition

When asking about my personal fantasies there are things I’ve done. There are also things I dream about combining together at the same time. It’s great you want to know what makes me excited. As I describe in detail what I desire, it’s obvious I have you convinced to offer yourself fully. There’s a gleam in my eyes as I show you examples of rubber encasement, electrical play, and face sitting. Of course there’s more involving how I want to make use of you. Never forget that submission is about bringing me pleasure.

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Unlocked For Electro Sadism

Unlocked For Electro Sadism

My rubber gimp’s eyes follow his chastity key as he remains plugged with the Edge 2. All of the teasing has resulted in him testing the confines of his cock prison to no avail. Though his unlocking doesn’t mean he’ll have a release. I have so many more buttons to press with the addition of electro cock and ball torment. As I crank up his agony, his hungry ass is teased relentlessly. Drinking in his moans, grunts and whimpers, I feel his body shake. As his cock pulses with the electrical current, I know there’s no place he’d rather be. This is sensory overload at its finest, and I’ll be railing his ass with my strap on next…

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Resuming Face to Face Sessions 6/3!

It’s been a while since I’ve utilized this space to post updates. A lot has transpired as a result of the pandemic-our lives and daily habits have changed dramatically. One of those changes for me was a shift and reliance solely on online work. Of course this was the reality for all of us in the pro FemDom industry, but I digress. I first want to thank many of you for scheduling cam sessions, texing and calling on Sext Panther, purchasing videos on Clips4Sale, and maintaining subscriptions to my AVN Stars. While the purpose of this post is to discuss resuming face to face sessions, I’m going to continue online work. Certain updates in that realm are the topic of a different blog post down the road.

As the title of this reads, I’ll be resuming face to face sessions on June 3rd, 2021.

Words can’t describe how excited I am to conduct overnight sessions again like what’s in the image below!


Yes, I’ve felt the hunger to bind, restrict, and otherwise render willing beings helpless to various torments; though I’ve wanted to resume doing so in as risk aware of a manner as possible. My eyes have fixated on various bits of news and science, and I’ve locked down what measures I’ll take moving forward. That’s what the word, “professional” or, “pro” means in front of, “Domme”. Here is a list of my requirements as well as things that have changed:

Proof of vaccination must be sent over.

There are no exceptions to this. If you are an, “anti-vaxxer”, you won’t be allowed in my dungeon. An image of your vaccine card must be attached to your email.

I must have a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for bookings.

Same day session bookings have always been impossible, but in the past I had a 24 hour advance notice minimum. Make note this has changed. To start off I’m not going to conduct more than one session in a day. This is to ensure my air sanitization procedure can take place. For my own peace of mind, I really want to make sure I have ample time to wipe down, scrub, soak, and otherwise clean everything thoroughly. Just as I value my own health and safety, I value yours as well.

The method for securing your session with a deposit has changed.

Accepted deposit methods will be discussed privately once you’ve successfully gone through my screening process. If you haven’t put down a deposit to secure your session booking, it’s not actually a booked session. No deposit, no session. Understood? The day, time, and session length you desire can be taken up by someone else if you don’t promptly put down your deposit.

My tribute structure has also changed.

I will discuss this privately.

Incomplete introductory emails are simply ignored.

I’ve gone through great lengths to outline everything I need in an initial email. These details are easily found by reading through my website. I despise laziness. Remember: you need to impress me in order to be granted a session/s.

As I eagerly await opening my dungeon door, it’s also time to open up a new chapter. It’s one where I draw in more: generous, articulate, intelligent, experimental, and well balanced humans. By, “well balanced” I mean individuals who don’t try to position me to be their everything/only source of happiness. Fetishists, submissives, and slaves who strongly desire to live life to its fullest and work hard will get along with me the best. The pandemic has been extremely difficult for many of us in a variety of ways, however, I want to be clear I’m not the, “complaints department”. Sessions are the time to leave the outside world behind and journey into the floating world. I look forward to steering things in that direction.






Maximum Efficiency

Maximum Efficiency

With a few touches of a button I can send excruciating jolts of pain through a masochist’s cock and balls. Minimal effort maximum efficiency. What starts as a light pricking sensation quickly ramps up leaving him writhing and shouting. The combination of rubber bondage and various electrical devices brings a huge sadistic smile to My face. I layer the sensations as I pull on the electric clamps and stretch his scrotal skin. Teasing and taunting with the Hitachi cock sheath, he has to earn getting fucked by My strap on later…

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Interactive Rubber Voyeurism

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Interactive Rubber Voyeurism 

I know you like watching Me. Seeing your eyes drink in My shiny latex clad curves results in all sorts of devious thoughts. It’s not just about My wardrobe, but what I do to slaves as well. Yes, I don’t just wear fabulous latex…I play in it too. That’s the best part-rendering someone helpless in rubber bondage and vulnerable to electrical torments. Of course you can’t help but wonder exactly what it would feel like to be in this precise situation. Right now I’ll allow you to touch yourself while watching. Though I know you lust to be in his place. Don’t just dream about it and say, “he’s a lucky slave”. Luck had nothing to do with it. Present yourself properly and make your fantasy a reality.

My Personal Fantasies: 3rd Edition

My Personal Fantasies: 3rd Edition

There’s something about a male going through things he never imagined himself doing for the sake of utter subservience to Me. When casting aside ego, focusing on what I want, and making Me happy occurs, then said male is actually a slave. I lust to expand horizons and seek deeper and deeper submission from those who serve Me. So, this is what today’s fantasy disclosure is all about. Two male slaves, chastity, orgasm control, electrical play, and milking…Get comfortable as I paint a scintillating picture for you. The steamy details will leave you wondering, “did Mistress Natalya do this in real life?”

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