Face to Face Leading to Distance Training

Face to Face Leading to Distance Training

Oh, how I missed the palpable energy exchange in face to face sessions! At the time of this writing I’ve been conducting face to face sessions in my dungeon for a while. The pandemic resulted in a variety of changes. Many individuals embraced the pivot to online sessions and training. Depending on one’s perspective, online sessions and distance training often maintained needed D/s and kinky connections. As the world started to open up more, so did many of our dungeon doors. Proceeding with face to face sessions has felt more profound and supercharged in a way unparalleled to any other time in my career. I’ve been even more grateful than I had been, though admittedly, I’m even more discerning of the company I keep. While that could be the topic of another blog, I can be picky as a result of my online distance training efforts and my longevity in this industry. Certain individuals I immensely enjoy have not been able to session in the flesh as a result of: distance, change of circumstances, and/or illness. The continuation of an online dynamic has enabled them to feel connected, explore, and learn more about specific interests.

As part of distance training, I assigned a certain minion the task of writing about his experiences with me. Below is his unedited writing-only broken up by images. I hope this gives you some insight into how distance training can forge a stronger bond.

“The first time I met Mistress Natalya Sadici was in 2019 by shear luck. I happened to be in Florida for sailing and decided to look into Prodommes while I was there. Mistress Natalya’s website caught my eye. I happen to be major trichophile (hair fetishist). Long beautiful hair really excites me and Mistress Natalya’s long raven locks certainly fit the bill. I contacted her via email and found that she was unique and very professional.  Obviously we discussed our shared interests but what really impressed me was her responsiveness. If you are polite and concise, she will answer every email in a timely manner. (This has not always been my experience with other Prodommes).

We agreed on a six hour session. I know you hear this all the time, but seeing Mistress Natalya face-to-face not only took my breath away but I couldn’t find my voice either. She ran her index finger slowly down my chest and asked me “Do I make you nervous?”  All I could do was utter “yes Mistress”.  From that point on time stopped and the outside world disappeared. Mistress perfectly dealt her brand of balanced torment, degradation, abandonment, and hair teasing. Without going into too much detail, I was immobilized while standing in a metal contraption in which my neck, arms and feet were secured. Mistress then proceeded with CBB and electric CBT. While I was immobilized, blindfolded, and undergoing CBT, she spent what must have been about almost an hour circling me while running her hair over my body. I was dying to smell and touch her hair but it was hopeless in the metal restraints.  All in all this was one of the best sessions I have experienced primarily because Mistress Natalya cared enough to listen and get to know me prior to our session.
I mistakenly assumed that my face-to-face session with Mistress Natalya was a one time thing. However, fast forward to late 2021 of the pandemic. During this time I became interested in long-distance chastity training since in-person sessions were limited everywhere. After a few disappointments, I dove into researching Prodommes who offered chastity training. Alas, I once again stumbled on Mistress Natalya’s website. I wrote her wondering if she remembered me from our session from almost three years ago. I was surprised that she remembered the session fondly and in detail.
Mistress Natalya provided an incredible amount of information regarding chastity and cage choice. She strongly recommended a custom made cage which was worth every penny. She then agreed to a long-distance three day interactive chastity training session.  The most important attribute of Mistress Natalya is her sincere concern for your safety.  She had some very devious ideas of what to do with the key and other implements so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat (which I never did).   Since this was my first time in my new cage she required frequent pictures to confirm the fit was safe and there were no problems. To say that Mistress Natalya exceeded my expectations is a gross understatement!  Via WhatsApp, she continuously tormented me. My cock was literally trying to break out of my metal cage 24/7. She sent a continuous flow of hair tease videos, tasks, degrading meal instructions, and implemented a remote anal vibrator (even in public) and punishments if deemed necessary. At the end of 3 days I was totally spent yet wanting more!
I had the privilege of experiencing two more long-distance chastity sessions with Mistress Natalya. They included a 5 and 7 day session. Each session was more intense with things ramping up throughout each session. The hair teasing videos and audio messages became more and more intense until I felt like I was going to literally explode. Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing. She eventually incorporated self-bondage, CBB, nipple torture, a vibrator tied to my cage and even bondage while sleeping. She kept me to task by threatening blackmail (my fantasy) including much needed projects around the house and lifestyle changes to improve my health. I was being incentivized by her total control over my life.
I could go on and on. But the bottom line is that I will session with Mistress Natalya every chance I get. I have been spoiled and wouldn’t even consider chastity training with anyone else.”

Resuming Face to Face Sessions 6/3!

It’s been a while since I’ve utilized this space to post updates. A lot has transpired as a result of the pandemic-our lives and daily habits have changed dramatically. One of those changes for me was a shift and reliance solely on online work. Of course this was the reality for all of us in the pro FemDom industry, but I digress. I first want to thank many of you for scheduling cam sessions, texing and calling on Sext Panther, purchasing videos on Clips4Sale, and maintaining subscriptions to my AVN Stars. While the purpose of this post is to discuss resuming face to face sessions, I’m going to continue online work. Certain updates in that realm are the topic of a different blog post down the road.

As the title of this reads, I’ll be resuming face to face sessions on June 3rd, 2021.

Words can’t describe how excited I am to conduct overnight sessions again like what’s in the image below!


Yes, I’ve felt the hunger to bind, restrict, and otherwise render willing beings helpless to various torments; though I’ve wanted to resume doing so in as risk aware of a manner as possible. My eyes have fixated on various bits of news and science, and I’ve locked down what measures I’ll take moving forward. That’s what the word, “professional” or, “pro” means in front of, “Domme”. Here is a list of my requirements as well as things that have changed:

Proof of vaccination must be sent over.

There are no exceptions to this. If you are an, “anti-vaxxer”, you won’t be allowed in my dungeon. An image of your vaccine card must be attached to your email.

I must have a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for bookings.

Same day session bookings have always been impossible, but in the past I had a 24 hour advance notice minimum. Make note this has changed. To start off I’m not going to conduct more than one session in a day. This is to ensure my air sanitization procedure can take place. For my own peace of mind, I really want to make sure I have ample time to wipe down, scrub, soak, and otherwise clean everything thoroughly. Just as I value my own health and safety, I value yours as well.

The method for securing your session with a deposit has changed.

Accepted deposit methods will be discussed privately once you’ve successfully gone through my screening process. If you haven’t put down a deposit to secure your session booking, it’s not actually a booked session. No deposit, no session. Understood? The day, time, and session length you desire can be taken up by someone else if you don’t promptly put down your deposit.

My tribute structure has also changed.

I will discuss this privately.

Incomplete introductory emails are simply ignored.

I’ve gone through great lengths to outline everything I need in an initial email. These details are easily found by reading through my website. I despise laziness. Remember: you need to impress me in order to be granted a session/s.

As I eagerly await opening my dungeon door, it’s also time to open up a new chapter. It’s one where I draw in more: generous, articulate, intelligent, experimental, and well balanced humans. By, “well balanced” I mean individuals who don’t try to position me to be their everything/only source of happiness. Fetishists, submissives, and slaves who strongly desire to live life to its fullest and work hard will get along with me the best. The pandemic has been extremely difficult for many of us in a variety of ways, however, I want to be clear I’m not the, “complaints department”. Sessions are the time to leave the outside world behind and journey into the floating world. I look forward to steering things in that direction.






Dungeon Additions

Dungeon Additions

For those who have been following My social media you may have noticed a few new additions. I had a custom piece of dungeon furniture made by Metalbound Furniture

This bondage table with a cage underneath includes many attachment points. It’s perfect for all sorts of scenes-particularly the extended bondage sessions I love so much! The image below was shot by Lady Wolf during Her last visit to South Florida.

For those craving restraint, immobilization, or a cage to sleep in during an overnight session I’ll revel in rendering you helpless. This piece was definitely worth the wait. I had wanted a piece from Metalbound since I first started as a Pro Domme. That dream has come to fruition.

The second addition is the Tremblr milking machine. Imagine being teased and kept on edge for however long I desire. Are you worthy of such a privilege, or are you ready to work hard in order to earn it? Of course I ultimately decide.


Subscribe to My AVN Stars to see a video of the Tremblr in action! This year has been off to a phenomenal start, and I’ll continue to share updates as My dungeon continues to grow and evolve.

Mistress Aleera of London visits December 14th to…

Mistress Aleera of London visits December 14th to January 6th!

I am back from my visit to London, and South Florida is about to have an extra special gift this “Howliday Season”. Mistress Aleera will be visiting Me from December 14th to January 6th! We had such a fantastic time in London between shoots, celebratory canings, bondage, and other scintillating scenes that She didn’t need much convincing to visit Me. Besides, the Howlidays are always wonderful in tropical paradise.

Solo and double Domme scenes are possible, but make sure to follow My booking protocol to arrange your servitude. More information about Mistress Aleera can be found on her website: Queen of Wolves

If you’ve been following both of our Twitter accounts, you’ll notice we’ve been posting more extensively about our adventures on AVN Stars. Be sure to follow Us on that platform. I’ll be posting a more thorough blog about AVN Stars in a follow up blog shortly.

Double Sessions in South Florida with Lady Karma 11/25

Double Sessions in South Florida with Lady Karma 11/25!

For a limited time Lady Karma of Atlanta and I will be taking sessions together in South Florida. The Red Russian will be visiting me on 11/25. She and I have a natural synergy for restraining, punishing, and keeping slaves in their proper place. What better way to celebrate, “black Friday” than to have some lasting black and blue reminders on your backside?

To arrange your servitude contact us by emailing either MistressNatalya@gmail.com or Spank@MyLadyKarma.com

For more information about Lady Karma, visit My Lady Karma