New Listing Site For Pro Dommes: BDSM Professionals

New Listing Site For Pro Dommes: BDSM Professionals

If you’re reading this, it’s possible you’ve heard about Eros. Over the Thanksgiving holiday Eros decided to remove their BDSM section. While I haven’t advertised on Eros in years, this event brought up meaningful discourse on social media platforms. Where do we, as Pro Dommes, advertise now? Mistress Tissa decided to launch a listing site-seeing both the need and having a vision. I want to support that, and you should too. Why? There are so few places serious BDSM professionals who conduct face to face sessions can be listed. The UK has many great listing sites, however, the U.S. sadly does not. We’re often lumped in as an afterthought with escorts-fielding many confused session requests as a result. Before you get your panties in a bunch, I don’t find anything wrong with escorts or any other forms of sex work. I think sex work should be decriminalized. However, I do believe in having spaces geared specifically towards BDSM pursuits. It cuts down on confusion, and saves us all time-time that can be utilized towards actually enjoying ourselves!

Mistress Tissa has stepped up, put a lot of hard work, time, resources, and energy into BDSM Professionals Yes, click that link. Bookmark mark it. Keep going back to it. I’m listed on there, and more individuals are continuously being added. If you’re a fellow Pro Domme who’s come across this writing, get listed. The cost is exceptionally fair and reasonable.

Crushing Your Manhood

Crushing Your Manhood

Over time I’ve had you squeeze your balls. It was in preparation for a certain devious device I’ve wanted to use on you. Perhaps you’ve seen it before, but now it’s your turn to experience it firsthand. Never forget I am a sadist, and I revel in making you endure a variety of sensations. Between crushing and flattening your dangling parts, I have a variety of electrical boxes to attach to this. The more turned on you are, the better contact you’ll make with the conductive plates. Though are you actually endowed enough to justify the usage of this device?

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At the Feet of Divinity

At the Feet of Divinity

There’s a reason I have you beneath me. It’s to reinforce your proper place. To show reverence you’ll worship and adore me how I command you. I can allow you to touch me, or I can banish you. Of course you don’t want the latter. My scent is trapped in these Wolford stockings. If you follow my instructions, I’ll allow you to bury your face in them. Good things come to those who are patient. Eventually you’ll wash my feet with your tongue.

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Resuming Face to Face Sessions 6/3!

It’s been a while since I’ve utilized this space to post updates. A lot has transpired as a result of the pandemic-our lives and daily habits have changed dramatically. One of those changes for me was a shift and reliance solely on online work. Of course this was the reality for all of us in the pro FemDom industry, but I digress. I first want to thank many of you for scheduling cam sessions, texing and calling on Sext Panther, purchasing videos on Clips4Sale, and maintaining subscriptions to my AVN Stars. While the purpose of this post is to discuss resuming face to face sessions, I’m going to continue online work. Certain updates in that realm are the topic of a different blog post down the road.

As the title of this reads, I’ll be resuming face to face sessions on June 3rd, 2021.

Words can’t describe how excited I am to conduct overnight sessions again like what’s in the image below!


Yes, I’ve felt the hunger to bind, restrict, and otherwise render willing beings helpless to various torments; though I’ve wanted to resume doing so in as risk aware of a manner as possible. My eyes have fixated on various bits of news and science, and I’ve locked down what measures I’ll take moving forward. That’s what the word, “professional” or, “pro” means in front of, “Domme”. Here is a list of my requirements as well as things that have changed:

Proof of vaccination must be sent over.

There are no exceptions to this. If you are an, “anti-vaxxer”, you won’t be allowed in my dungeon. An image of your vaccine card must be attached to your email.

I must have a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for bookings.

Same day session bookings have always been impossible, but in the past I had a 24 hour advance notice minimum. Make note this has changed. To start off I’m not going to conduct more than one session in a day. This is to ensure my air sanitization procedure can take place. For my own peace of mind, I really want to make sure I have ample time to wipe down, scrub, soak, and otherwise clean everything thoroughly. Just as I value my own health and safety, I value yours as well.

The method for securing your session with a deposit has changed.

Accepted deposit methods will be discussed privately once you’ve successfully gone through my screening process. If you haven’t put down a deposit to secure your session booking, it’s not actually a booked session. No deposit, no session. Understood? The day, time, and session length you desire can be taken up by someone else if you don’t promptly put down your deposit.

My tribute structure has also changed.

I will discuss this privately.

Incomplete introductory emails are simply ignored.

I’ve gone through great lengths to outline everything I need in an initial email. These details are easily found by reading through my website. I despise laziness. Remember: you need to impress me in order to be granted a session/s.

As I eagerly await opening my dungeon door, it’s also time to open up a new chapter. It’s one where I draw in more: generous, articulate, intelligent, experimental, and well balanced humans. By, “well balanced” I mean individuals who don’t try to position me to be their everything/only source of happiness. Fetishists, submissives, and slaves who strongly desire to live life to its fullest and work hard will get along with me the best. The pandemic has been extremely difficult for many of us in a variety of ways, however, I want to be clear I’m not the, “complaints department”. Sessions are the time to leave the outside world behind and journey into the floating world. I look forward to steering things in that direction.