I gave one of my minions a research assignment about chastity.

I gave one of my minions a research assignment about chastity.

Since I’m impressed with both his writing and desire to impress me, I wanted to share this information here.

History of Male Chastity

I must disclose that I am writing this research paper under duress. I am in bondage, gagged, my balls are tied down and I am gagged. May I just say that this is an ideal incentive as this paper is, indeed, about the history of male chastity. I, myself, love to be in chastity. The reasons will hopefully become clear after reading this paper.
Usually when one thinks of chastity belts they think of females. After all, we have all heard stories of maidens put in a metal chastity device while her heroic knight goes off to war. In reality, most of these are myths. However, what is not a myth, is the male chastity belt.
If one dives into the history of male chastity, one will find there are two distinct histories. First, there were male chastity belts for health and moral reasons. For instance, it was once thought that masturbation was a sure road to insanity. The other history of male chastity involves a fetish. Many men desire to be in chastity, especially at the hands of a dominant woman. This report will cover history of forced chastity of the Victorian era as well as that of male chastity fetishism.

History of Male Chastity Devices
The first patented chastity device was known as the “self protector”. The device was patented by Daniel Cook in 1870. It was a means of preventing masturbation in children.
In 1907, Ellen Perkins patented the “sexual armor.” Perkins wrote that masturbation was one of the most common causes of insanity, imbecility, and feeble mindedness, especially in youth.
A penis cage was patented by Henry Tunnessen in 1909 to prevent wet dreams by waking the person in case of an erection. I could not find the original patent but a crude picture (Amanda Hess, 2010 An Illustrated History of Male Chastity Devices) resembles an archaic version of Kali’s Teeth, a modern device which is worn around the penis and has metal spikes on the inside causing pain when an erection occurs. `
A full-body approach to prevent the male or female from touching his or her genitals while sleeping was patented by Allan Risely in 1932. The design is extremely complex. If one is interested, the patent number is 1865280. The beauty of this device is that it was constructed to resemble an ordinary sleeping garment so there would be no embarrassment while wearing it.
More recently, in 2004, Gines Sanchez Gomez patented the “protective tube harness.” The patent is described as “a protective tube and harness for the masculine member. The tube continues with a hinge with a hole at their end. A padlock fixes the hinge and the external tube.” In simple terms, this device is very similar to the more current designs by fancy steel (see www.fancysteel.com). This device was important because, from my research, it is the first device, in the words of Gomez, to be designed specifically for “the entertainment field, essentially of erotic-games. Based on my research, this may represent the beginning of male chastity fetishism.

Male Chastity Fetishism
One begs the question, why do (some) men love chastity? There are literally hundreds of products to choose from including metal, plastic, silicone, resin, and smart devices controlled by an app. Chastity kink is a broad spectrum, ranging from foreplay to a full-blown lifestyle in which the keys to the cage are controlled by a partner for days or months. (Abby Moss, Men’s Health, 2021).
Moss also interviewed a man that said chastity made him shift his focus to other erogenous zones such as his nipples and ass since he could not stimulate his penis. On a personal note, I can certainly attest to this. Mistress Natalya Sadici has had me in chastity numerous times. She has taught me how to appreciate rubbing my nipples as well as appreciate anal play (including remote anal play).
Gigi Engle, author of All the F*cking Mistakes: A guide to Sex, Love, and Life”, men may feel pressured by gender norms to behave in certain ways. Chastity can offer a safe escape. “It comes, in part, from a desire to give over control, to escape from your role.”
Kristan X of Lascivity.co.uk has published a great article – A Simple Guide to Male Chastity. In her article, she discusses the top reasons men enjoy chastity:
1. Giving up control
2. It’s humiliating
3. It focuses the mind
4. It’s hot
5. Better (but less frequent) orgasms
For me, it is all about giving up control. I love being controlled by a dominant female. Being in a cage, allows me to be controlled 24/7.

Types of Chastity Cages
It seems that every day there is a new chastity cage available (a better mouse trap so to speak). The first time I decided to try chastity, I became very overwhelmed. I ended up wasting a lot of money buying and trying out cages that did not work for one or several reasons. It was Mistress Natalya Sadici who recommended I buy a custom-made cage from Mature Metal. It was not cheap but it was worth every penny.
The following are some of the more common types of cages:
1. Plastic Cages – To my knowledge these were among the first cages to be mass produced as male chastity became popular on the BDSM scene. The CB chastity devices are still among the most popular. They were invented and patented by Frank and Doris Miller, a husband-and-wife team. The CB 2000 was their first product and they have since released many updated versions. Jon Stewart did a comedy skit on an interview they did. It was supposed to be funny, and I suppose it was to those that do not appreciate being caged. That being said, it is informative as to the reason behind their decision to invent the CB2000. If interested, the website is https://www.cc.com/video/2e49wg/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-nut-case.

2. Silicone Cages – These are similar to plastic cages but are a bit more flexible and skin tight. Some of the silicone “cages” are not actually cages. They are toys that fit over your cock to give a firmer or longer-lasting erection.

3. Steel Cages – These are clean and hygienic and also very strict. Again, there are hundreds to choose from. Steel is by far my favorite. They are easier to clean while wearing and also are more inescapable. Personally, I recommend Mature Metal for a custom cage. They have great service. I love my cage (The Queen’s Keep). They also have the option of punishment pins which brings the “fun” to a whole new level. Mark and Rebecca’s “All about Sex” podcast did an excellent interview with William from Mature Metal. It is well worth listening to. There is a link to the interview on the www.MatureMetal.com website.

4. Smart Cages – These are app-controlled cages. The lock can be controlled by a key-holder thousands of miles away. The Cell Mate is the first on the market. This is a great idea but still needs some improvement.

In addition to these “normal” cages, there are also other types of creative cages including, but not limited to sissy cages, vibrating cages, harness cages, nub cages, and cruel chastity cages with spikes, electricity, or ultra-restrictive. There are even custom 3-D printed cages.

Summary and Personal Note
Male chastity has been around since the 16th century but only recently has it taken off as a fetish. The number of manufacturers and brands has grown exponentially since the year 2000. There are designs, colors, materials, and sizes to suit any fetishist. As mentioned previously, I have a strong preference for metal chastity cages, specifically custom made. One will find themselves very frustrated with the wasted time and money trying non-custom models. However, if money is an issue, it may be worth trying one of the less expensive models such as the CB series.
As explained above, there are many psychological reasons that so many men and women love male chastity. The love of being controlled and humiliated are two of the most common reasons. It is a very welcome extension to BSDM play. The key (pun intended) is to find a skilled experienced keyholder. I have been very fortunate to stumble upon Mistress Natalya Sadici of Florida. I would never trust anyone else.
In my research, I did a search for chastity cage patents. The number of patents is overwhelming. It is evident that male chastity fetishism is not a passing fad but is here to stay. I, for one, am very excited about my many chastity experiences to come.