3 New Video Releases!

The following videos are now available for purchase at Sadici Studios

Dressing you down

What you’ve been consuming online has lead to a gross misunderstanding of FemDom, submission, and slavery. It’s not all about you and what makes that insignificant piece of flesh between your legs twitch. This lesson of ego removal is long overdue. As I cross and uncross my legs you’ll be reminded of what you’re never worthy of. From now on that mini flesh tube will be locked in chastity.


Confined Supplicant

How was your first night in my cage? For a majority of your life you’ve fantasized about living the D/s lifestyle 24/7. Last night you took the plunge to actually make that dream a reality. As your vision refocuses I’ll go over protocol and my expectations for today. Any infraction will result in swift and harsh correction…


Just your hands

My dungeon has all sorts of devious devices to make you moan, groan, and float on the waves of masochistic ecstasy. Unfortunately you can’t be here, but your own hands can be both potent and effective. Listen and do exactly what I say. If you are obedient and amusing, I’ll allow you to jerk off. Just know you’ll really have to work for that kind of pleasure.